GAME increases the price of unreleased amiibo figures

Amiibos still seem to be in short supply and with the release of 3 waves of amiibo figures on the horizon, UK retailer GAME has increased the price of the unreleased figures.

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RondoMachete1385d ago

Game is the worst store in the UK for games,from the prices to only them having certain editions at stupid prices....... Game brought GameStation and when they nearly went bust they saved Game and not GameStation witch was a major mistake. GameStation was a much better line of stores with everything from new to really old school games from nearly every console ever made..... But now we're stuck with shitty Game.

xX1NORM1Xx1385d ago

Game have been doing this since amiibo started actually the ones they don't get a lot of/people consider rare suddenly go up to £15 strange that huh? Game suck so much but they are the only dedicated game store around where I live now thou :(

RosweeSon1385d ago

Yeah got about 12 emails the other day at least they are honouring my £10.99 price plus ill get reward points on top, but this is nothing new game charged £14.99 for the launch set as well certainly in store anyway then when they became so hard to get hold of even the website pushed them all up to £14.99... No thanks £11 max or not at all.