Dying Light - Unlimited Money & Weapon Duplication Exploit

This glitch / exploit lets you duplicate any melee weapon, anywhere and anytime. All you need is the "Melee Throw" skill. It works like this:

Step 1: Buy the Melee Throw Skill
Step 2: Equip your most valuable weapon (or buy one from a merchant). The more valuable your weapon, the more money you will make!
Step 3: Throw your weapon (press the right stick twice) and when it is in the air you open up your inventory immediately. In your inventory you will see that the weapon is still there. You must drop it from the inventory. So basically it will throw & drop the weapon at the same time and that's how the glitch works.
Step 4: Sell all your duplicates, but also keep one for yourself. You can keep duplicating it as often as you like. If you buy the two backpack upgrades you can carry even more weapons and farm much quicker!

Always keep a repaired version of your favorite weapon in the inventory. Use the duplicates to kill Zombies and when the weapon is about to break you can make a new duplicate. That way you will never run out of weapons!
If you want to farm for money you should stay in a quiet area near a safe zone as the noise may attract enemies.

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nucky641386d ago

i'll never understand the fun in doing this stuff.

rdgneoz31386d ago

They've had the glitch in Dead Island, so not really unexpected that it'd be in Dying Light. I have had one run (when I was testing out Playstation Now) bug out later on and lose all versions of the item.

dumahim1386d ago

The weapon degradation in the past games has been sort of at stupid levels and it sounds like it's just as bad (at least early on) in this game. There's some things that just should not degrade that fast. Item dupe is a way to counter that.

nucky641386d ago

weapons do break down a little faster than expected. what makes me wonder is how a gas pipe can "break" against a human body...LOL

anyway - I don't think it hurts the game - and if weapons didn't break, everyone would just grab the EXPcaliber and have at it -

1386d ago
MilkMan1386d ago

So whats the purpose of buying (or in most cases stealing a game and then actively looking for ways to break it?
Is this some way to be able to post crap on the web or something?

Maxor1386d ago

Are you serious? The same bug as in Dead Island is back? Nice job devs.