Dying Light Review - Attack of the Fanboy

"A more polished and focused game than their previous effort in open world zombie games, Techland marries graceful parkour and chaotic combat in this sandbox scavenger's fever dream."

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Predaking771386d ago

I got my PS4 copy today. Can't wait to get home and play.

ovnipc1386d ago

Me too, picked it up at best buy this morning.

LOL_WUT1386d ago

Just got my copy installing the update and the pre order bonus so hyped ;)

nucky641386d ago

I'm taking a break - been playing for the last 5 hours - I love the game. it runs nice and is loads of fun. I've love watching 10-20 zombies dance in an electric trap!

Magicite1386d ago

A great game for winter season until Order comes out.

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oneluckybullet1386d ago

played from 12 am last night to 5 am this morning with three friends on the one and loved it. feels like dead island meets assassins creed with a mix of far cry. not to bad i dont think. i had a few bugs of zombies glitching during the day to night cycle and times where the music cut out when i opened up my skill tree. other than that it runs solid and looks very nice.

WeAreLegion1386d ago

Definitely going to stay inside at night.

UnHoly_One1385d ago

It's pretty easy to avoid getting seen, at least as far as what I've played so far. But if you do get caught, it gets pretty scary in a hurry. O_O

WeskerChildReborned1386d ago

Definitely a welcomed type of game for current gen. Can't wait to try Co-op with some friends :D

isa_scout1386d ago

Amazing game. I wasn't expecting to love it, but the co-op is so well designed that it's impossible not to love it. I was a little pissed that the day one update was 1.75 gbs but I guess that the age we live in. I haven't noticed any bugs after 3 hours which is surprising given how numerous they were in Dead Island. All in all this is a excellent game. I was honestly just expecting this to hold me over until The Order but I may have trouble putting this game down.

nucky641386d ago

yea, I'm impressed with how well the game runs. I've been playing for the last 5 hours and no problems at all. I was hoping this would be I see I won't be getting rid of this for quite a while .....and "the order"; bloodborne, and witcher3 to follow - WOO!HOO!