Resident Evil HD – Why Developers Shouldn’t Change Games on Re-Release

Gamemoir's Nick D. explains why re-release developers shouldn’t mess around with the core mechanics of a game unless they understand what made the original tick in the first place.

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1nsomniac1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

I don't understand this argument at all. The new control scheme is simply optional just like the control schemes in most games. If you don't like it change it. It' not as if it's even the default scheme!

I never played the GameCube REmake so I thought this article was about the new rooms & enemies added to the remaster which I was about to agree with. I love the original RE & I love the idea that there would be new rooms & enemies but a lot of them come across as arcadey & in my opinion brings me right out of the nostalgia & reason I liked RE of old & into the action RE's of new & im not sure about them.

Articuno761364d ago

Some new players will jump into the game using these controls not knowing they are getting a lesser experience for it. Sucks to be them.

Kurisu1364d ago

I see that there are different options for the control scheme, but I'm just using whatever default is. L1 to aim, R1 to shoot. Having a blast so far, the game is so nostalgic and captures the original atmosphere nicely. Gotta love those camera angles and door loading screens!

freshslicepizza1364d ago

"I hear in the back of my head the obvious retort regarding the HD REmake’s new control scheme in that it’s optional. However, that’s not the point."

of course it's the point. make the original controls the default optional and offer alternative controls. i don't see a problem here other than to complain for the sake of complaining. go back and play the original tomb raider games, the controls were terrible.

lipton1011364d ago

I used to speed run RE 1. I know the controls so we'll still to this day. But I can dig the new ones. I was apprehensive at first but after trying it, I love it

Articuno761364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

I've felt that the old style RE controls were actually a combination of two design choices: 1) The "tank-controls" that limit your turn circle options making your character hard to maneuver and 2) RC Car style controls where you have to hold up to advance your character irrespective of camera/character direction.

The former is a design choice that impacts game balance, the latter is a design fault that was (at the time) the best solution to work around avoiding player disorientation when switching between two radically different camera angles (cuts down on the kind of confusion that occurs when a player gets stuck moving back and forth between pre-renders whilst they get their bearings).

That the new optional control scheme rectified the latter is laudable and a smart, player-friendly addition. That it undoes the former is game-balance crushing, empowering the player in a way they were never intended to be.

lipton1011364d ago

I like the new scheme more. I see the argument as pointless clickbait. This game is a shining example of what a remake should be

Articuno761364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

The thing is the new scheme could have worked to address the RC car controls issue (which is the biggest complaint about the controls) without messing with balance.

Notice how no one rags on Resident Evil 4's control scheme even though it has the exact same tank-turning and RC car controls as the older games? There's a reason for that: the effect of the RC controls is minimised to near imperceptibility because your character and the camera always face the same direction (making the RC car controls effectively non-existent). The tank-controls however remain exactly as they are, being just as limiting as they'd always been... and yet people were completely okay with it.

In other words, if people are happy with RE4's movement they'd be happy with my concept for an alternative control scheme as it would remove the input oddity just as RE4 did (only RE4 made it a non-factor rather than actually excising it).