PS4 Exclusive The Order: 1886's AR Website Gets More Interesting Pictures and Complex Enigmas

Sony Computer Entertainment and Ready at Dawn are really going all-out with The Order: 1886‘s alternate reality website, and they have posted more interesting pictures and more enigmas for you to enjoy.

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DarkOcelet1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

I love how dark and mysterious the game is.

On a second note, Tesla worked on the thermite gun, so what other weapon was he talking about? And that handwriting is awesome.

Notice in the Power failure newspaper second column on the left its says "The blackout came after a ghastly eruption of animal noise"

So its most likely Wolfy did something and The knights went in to kick his @ss.

There was a Colonial and Indian Exhibition that was opened by Queen Victora 1886 in May 4 so maybe that is the exact timeline of the game.

Walker1364d ago

I think in the end this game will surprise all fo us :)

FFYRTP1364d ago

Won't surprise me. I always expected a great game out of it, regardless of other gamers/journalists say. Takes a lot for me to peg a game as, "bad".

Christopher1364d ago

That would be amazing if true. Truly amazing.

OB1Biker1364d ago

Im hoping for a nice twist in the ending

snookiegamer1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

@Walker "Well Said" >>> Let's put our Bubble together? Lulz

There's so many awesome games to buy this year, and I'm only a Student ;/

But ...I'll do it for the cause ;)

DivineAssault 1364d ago

I really hope this game turns out good with all the advertisement its getting... I pre ordered it but not picking it up until i see some good reviews..

Yeah ya i know i should see for myself but im not blasting $80 on the CE of this unless its really good & highly recommended by multiple reviewers

bouzebbal1364d ago

i think it's stupid to wait for reviews, especially due to the fact that reviews are never objective.
even if all websites in the world give it 1/10 i will still buy because i wanna try it for myself.
this game cannot suck, ready at dawn are making it!!! it looks amazing just check the latest story trailer

DivineAssault 1363d ago

not me.. I work too hard to throw my money away.. Ive been burned before & im not doing it.. Since its an exclusive, im sure the quality will be there but ive bought too many broken games at launch that i just end up selling.. I want to see good feedback from the community before i jump in

WeAreLegion1364d ago

Already threw $150 for the Premium Edition. Can't wait!

OB1Biker1364d ago

Live stream is the way to go if you r not sure

bouzebbal1364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

Depends on who's playing :D

sprinterboy1364d ago

Exactly or youtube or share play. Online written reviews imo are like gaming magazines, deceased.

kenwonobi1364d ago

It is slowly building up close to its release. Before it didnt have any info. Now all of the recent info is nothing but good news and interesting tidbits. I think they didnt want to overhype it and saved all the cool moments for right before release and in the game itself. It has a good feeling right before release it didnt have a few months ago as much.