Dying Light: Free Running Can Be Frustrating

GeekParty's Tim Evans writes: "From the moment I entered the lengthy tutorial sequence, it became clear that free running would be major part of Dying Light's gameplay."

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Palitera1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

That was probably the worst article I have ever read through N4G. And that says a lot.

Basically: I died because I missed ledges, but maybe it's the game's fault. I hope you don't.

No wonder people despise this site...

xabmol1413d ago

Hey, at least it's all on one page!

nucky641413d ago

geekparty must be a bunch of idiots - I found the free running to be very easy to pick up on. I had about 2 minutes of frustration when I first had to get up to the crane.....the next five hours were free-running fun!

JsonHenry1413d ago

Think maybe you just suck. Or you need to either upgrade your PC or lower the in game settings if you're getting lag. (it could just be a problem that needs patched as well)

I've been playing it on PC all day. I have missed a few jumps at the start. But overall I land them rather easily. Especially as you get used to the system. I also haven't had any "lag" or drop in fps either. And I am running the game using DSR at effectively 3k resolution. You could try updating drivers or checking the forums to see if it is a problem or just your PC.

MSpence5161413d ago

The game is not meant for you to be able to fight off hordes of zombies. When faced with vast quantities of biters you need good weapons as well as using the environment (setting spilled oil on fire, electrifying water, car traps, light traps, etc.)

RjK311jR1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Im thinking you should add PC to the title because i have two copies.. ps4 and x1... the game plays very well and fluid on both systems... id advise lowering your settings or maybe matching the consoles controller settings on the pc versions controller mapping...idk this helped me with the forest...Also it has a similar mechanic to Sunset Overdrive... if you cant get used to mashing jump/grab (same as assassins creed... the issues i had were that the controller mapping can not be switched manually to your own settings via console...its a zombie sim w/ action. The longer you play, the more fluid and used to the games mechanics you get... I hate that its rb or r1,,, wish it was A or X... this could be fixed via patch... but either upgrade your pc, fix your settings, or maybe, just maybe, play the entire 40+ hours of story plus side missions before making that remark cause if your not a pro by then you cant game, no offense