Widescreen DS console spied

A special E3 edition of Nintendo Power magazine includes what appears to be a snapshot of a widescreen DS handheld, featured in an advert for Disgaea DS and Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure.

Could it be that Nintendo will reveal the new-look console during their E3 briefing in LA next week?

A new model console has already been rumoured for announcement at the expo, although the Big N previously squashed such idle chit-chat.

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jkoz3850d ago

Can only hope that this is for real - then I'll cash in on my DS lite hours after they announce it.

PS360WII3850d ago

Yeah it would be cool to have a widescreen DS. Though it might be that the ad wanted to make sure people saw the screens so they made them bigger and it isn't a new DS unit.

kewlkat0073850d ago

if this is true I' selling my current DS. With Chrono Trigger arriving soon and some other jRPGs and other games, my PSP has been quite jealous.

A wide-screen is awesome though I wouldn't mind an Analog on there for games that do a lot of walking and such.

I feel like the DS is an old-school device with all the 2-D games and such.

Fototherapist3850d ago

the stylus can function as a right analog stick, but why can't we get the real thing? Two analog sticks would open up the handheld gaming world so much. Is it memory limitations? Physical space? What is it?

Fototherapist3850d ago

would this WS DS just stretch current titles? I hope it doesn't distort the picture too much. There aren't that many pixels on the screen to begin with.

jkoz3850d ago

Probably do like the GBA did, either stretch or letterbox GBC games... don't know how the original DS would take the new widescreen-enabled games though... would it letterbox those, or would a game be written for both screens?

Fototherapist3850d ago

I didn't even think about the letterboxing of current titles. That would make the most sense.

BlackIceJoe3850d ago

I think this would be cool. I skipped the DS lite seeing as I had the original and I would buy this one. Also my guess would be the new system would come out in 09. Seeing as you had the DS come out in 05 the Lite came out in 07 and so this version would be a 09 one. I also wounder if this version would take out the GBA slot.

I now do not play that many GBA games and so I would be ok with the GBA slot taken out. It could also allow Nintendo to make the new DS even smaller at the same time plus add some on board memory for those who do want GBA games. So they could be able to buy them off the Wii or some thing like that.

Fototherapist3850d ago

that might actually start to bring the DS online with the PSP in terms of variability, functionality, and other "alities".

jkoz3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

If they take the GBA slot out I could see them offering this as a premium system, like the GBA Micro was, and sell it side-by-side with the DS lite.

Good ideas, cmd5150. I would love to see some better online competition on my DS. Bubbles, sir.

Fototherapist3850d ago

I think it's time that Nintendo embrace the whole "swiss army knife" mentality. They certainly have plenty of games to choose from. Why not offer some more? Unless, the "swiss army knife" mentality is what's hurt the PSP in terms of available games. Points to ponder.

jkoz3850d ago

They have their own flashcart coming out that can handle the music and videos aspect of the system... if only the third party games didn't focus so much on the damned touch screen. It's great and all, but it shouldn't be a requirement for developing a game on the system, this is how we get mediocre titles. FFTA2 does a good job with it: not required to use the touchscreen but the function's there if you so desire. The DS has achieved so much already, but it also still has so much potential.

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clevernickname3850d ago (Edited 3850d ago )

It's possible that it is nothing more than advertiser tomfoolery and that they enlarged the visuals simply to grab your attention. All of the other identifiable features on this supposedly "widescreen" DS model such as the button placement, power light, etc., are in the same place.

We'll see.

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