Metacritic's 5th Annual Game Publisher Rankings

"Which game publishers released the best games over the past year? In what has become an annual tradition, we have sifted through 12 months of data to determine the best and worst game publishers of the past year, based solely on the quality of their 2014 releases. Sales and user reviews do not factor into these rankings; only critic reviews (as captured by each game's Metascore) are used to evaluate performance."

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Geobros1386d ago

Its first time that Nintendo is 1st in this list.

marloc_x1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

Wii U is building quite a library..

..and has been filling out more genres too :)

Foehammer1386d ago

Good see EA up there in #3 with TitanFall

Guess they're not the worst company after all

Allsystemgamer1386d ago

Oh my god get over yourself. It's like you're dating the damn console.

Magicite1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

If u adore that game so much, then say thanks to Respawn in first place.

OT - Im glad Square Enix made it so high, Namco Bandai is also doing well.

GutZ311386d ago

Metacritic is a failure to everyone that uses it.

Dudebro901386d ago

This is a failure of a comment.

GutZ311386d ago

Your own opinion is worth more than a site that tells you what to think.
You have shown you have an opinion about my post, now just continue to use it to make your choices without sites like these.

kwandar1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

@GutZ31 Sorry, I like Metacritic (and sites like it) as I'm not going to buy a game without the opinions of OTHERS WHO HAVE PLAYED IT.

I've purchased more than enough junk software and have learned to recognize that if it doesn't have at least an 70+ score on Metacritic, I'm not buying it.

Generally unless I hear from other, I won't buy unless it is 80+. I also read the multiple review Metacritic refers to.

Unlike you, I'm not willing to throw money and time out the window. ?

GutZ311385d ago

@kwander, and all.
Have you tried to wait for a game to come out, watch someone play it on youtube stream, or twitch, making your judgement through your own means?

It is great to hear others opinions on media, but your own is what is important.

I have seen many games scored badly, but played much higher than a score would lead you to believe.

deafdani1386d ago

That's a pretty broad statement, and generally such statements are false.

Metacritic is just a tool, and it can be used correctly OR incorrectly.

How you use it defines its validity.

If you merely go by the scores, then yeah, you're probably doing it wrong.

But if you use it to pick a few reviews of a game you're interested in, both good and bad, and READ them, to see how the criticisms and appraisals from various critic sources resonate with you, to decide if you want to part with your bucks to buy a game or not... then Metacritic becomes a pretty invaluable tool.

jayzablade1386d ago

Exactly Dani!! Whenever I go to purchase something from Amazon I read the negatives first to see what the potential downfalls are.
If I want a product I already know the positives I just want to know what the negatives are!!
I use metacritic as a guideline, not a bible!!

specialguest1386d ago

I love metacritic and similar sites. It allows me to see how many different sites review and score the games on average, and i can easily navigate directly to those listed sites. I have the free will to ignore the sites i find bias or not credible and form my own overall thoughts about the games. Metacritic is simply a tool to round up the diverse opinions. Ultimately, it is up to you to decide what makes sense to you.

Christopher1386d ago

Interesting information. Nintendo definitely delivered what their fans wanted, though. They just need to get more of a market share to get back that true third party support.

fact4game1386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

I agree with you but to what extend? WII, i can understand first software w/console was Nintendo's "Twilight Princes" and all went berserk saying only Nintendo games sells for Nintendo console. With WII-U, Nintendo came out naked, W/O software. Third parties so called (AAA) publishers supported it. Watch
Who is stabbing whom? and zombies following them....

lonelyplayer1386d ago

Nintendo, Ubisoft, EA, Sony, SE, MS, Namco, ATVI... not bad

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