Witcher 3 Delay Is A Good Thing

"Many media outlets were given 3 hours of access to The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Almost all of them are saying that delaying the game till May is probably in the best interest for the title. The game is outstanding, and I have yet to see any outlet say anything bad about it. But the developers want to make sure it's perfect, without bugs. And good on them. Although no one has yet mentioned any problems, I assume there are still a few kinks to work out."

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Genova841359d ago

There will still be bugs ... just ... fewer bugs. Really looking forward to it in any case.

WizzroSupreme1359d ago

"There Will Be Bugs" – starring Daniel Day Lewis, no?

solar1359d ago

the beauty is CD has no major publisher to answer too. like Valve, the game will be done when it's done. which, in this industry, leads to better games for gamers.

kcuthbertson1359d ago

As much as the extra wait kills me, It's quite commendable of them. They simply said, the game isn't ready and we're not going to give you a broken game. Some developers/publishers *cough* ubisoft *cough* would rather pump the game out to make a quick buck whether it's ready or not.

CDPR has been my favorite Dev since the Witcher 1 and I'm sure this game will only solidify that feeling.

May cannot come soon enough!

LamerTamer1359d ago

Good, now hopefully no 6 GB "day one patch" will be needed to fix and finish the game.

Genova841359d ago

If my memory of an article I read about game development is accurate, I believe it takes 2 weeks for the games to be pressed and shipped for their release date. That's two weeks that they can continue to debug their game. I wouldn't be surprised to see a day 1 patch for that reason alone.

As I game on pc and have preordered it through steam, I will have to download it all either way, so to me it makes no difference. Hoping to be able to preload it though. The system requirements say 40 GB is needed ... so ... yeah ... that could take a while.

WizzroSupreme1359d ago

Delays are neither good nor bad so much as what they ultimately yield, but they demonstrate diligence on behalf of the developer – if not simply to the bottom-line of (hopefully) creating a sound *enough* product.

Watch Dogs' delay didn't help what was set in stone from the beginning – it's story and world design – but it did make a workable game, that much was certain.

Frankly, people expect miracles from CD Projekt Red and it's little wonder, I suppose. That it's a workable game shouldn't be the bottom-line. It's hyped to a GOTY pedestal already and my hat's off to the studio for sweating away to try and make it so.

nucky641359d ago

as much as I'm liking dying light and with "the order" not far off plus bloodborne at the end of march, I'm very glad witcher3 comes in may -I want plenty of time for all of these games.