PS4 Exclusive Driveclub Gets New DLC Car Screenshots, Info and a Dangerously Close Lightning Video

Evolution Studios released new screenshots of Driveclub's new DLC cars, new info on future updates, while the Game Director shows off a video of lightning striking dangerously close.


A second video was added, showing a trailer for all the content released in January.

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DarkOcelet1364d ago

This was unexpected. I wonder if getting hit by it do anything.

Abriael1364d ago

Very unlikely. Rushy describes it as a lighting effect so I doubt they coded in any additional effects. Besides, it would be strange to put development resources into something that must be super rare :D

GribbleGrunger1364d ago

Well, it has his trees and signposts before ... but I doubt they'd want it to ruin someone's perfect lap.

crazychris41241364d ago

that would be cool if the engine cut out temporairly

MK24ever1364d ago

I caught some good thunders on my Weather and time of day montage video to, check it

DarkOcelet1364d ago

That was actually a pretty awesome video.

nix1364d ago

i wonder when European countries are getting the Japan track. it still shows "Coming Soon" for me.

madduey1364d ago

lets raise the difficulty level and have lighting fuck shit up in real time!!

uth111364d ago

Right as you are completing your pefect lap, Zzzapppp! wrecked

madduey1364d ago

no different from a shunt up the arse from the AI lol

waltyftm1364d ago

Quality stuff, that would be scary if it was real.

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The story is too old to be commented.