Report: Resident Evil: Revelations 2 to Have Checkpoint Microtransactions

It has been reported that Resident Evil: Revelations will feature checkpoint microtransactions.

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-Foxtrot1413d ago

The ugly got uglier

I really hope no one buys this straight away, if you really want it wait till the full edition comes out then when it goes down in price

You are not going to "fix" Capcom by supporting silly shit like this...especially the horrible direction the series is going in.

vishmarx1413d ago

RE series can go die for all i care
we have shinji mikami.

DarkOcelet1413d ago

The Evil Within 2 will be better than Resident Evil 7.

NovusTerminus1413d ago

The Evil Within (If he sticks by his word) will be the last game he directs...

so no, we no longer have Shinji Mikami.

vishmarx1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

given the success of tew, im sure he'll get a bigger budget and team this time around.
tew was solid but it lacked polish.

with shinji mikami and hideo kojima making survival horror,
who needs resident evil

never heard of that

Griever1413d ago

Looks like capcom is really hurting of cash. They are using every dirty trick in the business just to make a little extra money.

higgins781413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Yeah, because The Evil Within was so good, right? Be honest, it fell WAY below expectations. I'm not going to be near-sighted by some buzz word. A game is either good or it isn't, and while The Evil Within wasn't bad by any means, it fell way below good/great. I'll be honest, I'm no fan of the Resi series (of late) either. Revelations was good if not great. The last great Resident Evil was 4. Not just a great Resi game but arguably one of the best games of all time. Yeah, no tank controls, vague puzzles and obvious padding was always going to annoy the 'traditionalist', but the series DESPERATELY needed a shake up.

Concertoine1413d ago

I feel like people bash Evil Within for the wrong reasons. The story sucks... but so does RE's and it gets a pass. It's not that scary, but neither is ANY resident evil outside of maybe REmake. Other complaints were about the games difficulty but i didnt find it too hard at any point.

It isnt as polished as it should be, but the art style and atmosphere are there.

ShaunCameron1413d ago

AHHH YES! The same Shinji Mikami who laid the foundation for the current RE games because even he wanted to move on from the old formula.

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DarkOcelet1413d ago

I knew the game was too good to be true especially with its initial price. My guess they will make money hard as hell to get to force people to buy $#it with real money.

Even if the full edition comes it wont fix anything, probably will have you gain double crystals or something since its 1$ more than if you buy the episodes separately.

ps4gamer19831413d ago

Another Ca$hcom game being boycotted.

OrangePowerz1413d ago

It looks like Capcom has no understanding of what SURVIVAL horror is or what made RE great in the first place.

ThunderPulse1413d ago

What is with this BS Free-2-play concept in a pay-2-play episodic game?

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LaFleur1413d ago

To be honest, this doesn't surprise me at all. I was wondering how long it would take Capcom to go down this road.

higgins781413d ago

Dont be surprised if it isn't just Capcom who employ this tactic this gen. The only way to make a stand is to not buy it, however, I suspect many of those complaining - particularly if the game gets favourable reviews - will be the very same emptying their pockets for a taste of this.

DemonChicken1413d ago

Not surprised and agree

Just look at street fighter and on disc dlc - the works

XXXL1413d ago

Lol. Crapcom strikes again. Scumbags.

Agent_00_Revan1413d ago

They never seize to amaze me with their level of greed.

KwietStorm1413d ago

Well my skepticism just graduated to piss off. I never thought we would be at this point.

JackVagina1413d ago

Arcade gaming is back boys!

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