DONTNOD on Life is Strange episodic challenges, confirms 1080p on PS4 & Xbox One

For any game developer, stepping into a new genre isn't the easiest of tasks to successfully carry out. When you've worked on a game that is more linear or releases all at once, it can be difficult to transition into a different style of development. A product of these challenging times usually is invaluable experience and knowledge of a new type of gaming.

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Kurisu1413d ago

I look forward to eventually playing this, but I'll probably wait until all the episodes are out before I purchase it. That way I can play the game in full without having to wait for the next episode to come out. That'll give me more time to complete GTA V :D

Bigpappy1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

It's not that X1 is incapable of 1080p, or can't push enough polly's with eSRAM, or not enough TFOP (power). The Witcher developer said the bottleneck is actually that the GPU doesn't have enough shaders to give color to all the triangles sent to the GPU.

Since this is the case, I prefer that they leave the game at 900p rather than remove images or have a faded look. They could also do like Ryse, and use the shaders saved from not doing 1080p, to add more textures and effects.

This is where DX12 becomes interesting, since PS4 will always have more potential for 1080p, developers would take advantage of DX12 to improve lighting, physic and Ai. That way we all get the strengths of each system.

gamer78041413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

I'm ecited for this game. I might buy it all upfront. The trsiler was very well done. Love the chsracters and setting.