Error Fixes for Dying Light PC- Stuttering, Lag, DLL crash, Crash on Launch, FPS drops

Dying Light has become the most anticipated Game of January, 2015 as GTA 5 postponed it’s release date to March 24, 2015. Dying light has released for consoles and PC on January 27,2015. Within the few hours of it’s release, it has got Very positive reviews from Steam. Dying Light game is basically a Zombie Apocalypse game set up in an Open world. Players traverse an expansive urban environment overrun by a vicious outbreak, scavenging the world for supplies and crafting weapons to defend against the growing infected population with a heavy focus on free running mechanics. Players also can customize the four characters in the game. The Game-play seems fantastic. However, few people have been facing issues with some minor Bugs while installing Dying Light on their PC

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SteamPowered1413d ago

How on earth did this story get to 230 degrees within 2 minutes?

christrules00411413d ago

Probably because pretty much everyone on PC is having issues with the frame rate ever since the patch.

Muzikguy1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

Three hunnid!

OT I can understand the idea of anticipating games every month, but this game was not one of mine. "Most anticipated game of January 2015" that's a bit over dramatic of you ask me. Must we anticipate a game every month? I wasn't expecting this game to deliver tbh. Incoming master race comments I'm sure :/

JsonHenry1412d ago

Because its a huge problem and lots of people own the game.

3-4-51412d ago

How did everyone not see something like this coming ?

Wasn't there a reason no reviews were out yet.

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chaldo1413d ago

Another troll. Every PC game has these article. It's just common problems and solutions.

thehobbyist1413d ago

More like another bad launch. Or haven't you been following AAA games for the last year? It'll more than likely be fully functional by this time next week.

crazysapertonight1413d ago

I thout PC version was lead... and port on consoles

starchild1413d ago

Another comment from you trolling the PC...yawn.

TedCruzsTaint1412d ago

There are certainly issues, but they'll be fixed for those who have them, and most likely very soon.
What would be atrocious is if the game was locked at 30fps. Now then I would truly be upset. Luckily that's not one of the glaring issues on display here.

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sorane1413d ago

Yup, it's much better than the console versions.

JsonHenry1412d ago

**Raises hand** while playing Dying Light on high settings at double 1080p resolution.

Maxor1412d ago

1440p 60 FPS. Master Race confirmed.

ColinZeal1412d ago

Them peoples love to tweak ini-files to remove random stuttering etc. Yay, gaming!

extravalue1412d ago

them people love to play at sub 1080p and 30fps
yay next gen

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Scatpants1413d ago

What a surprise another bad PC version. This only happens every time ever. Enjoy that extra framerate.

SteamPowered1413d ago

PcGamer hasn't run into any of these issues, nor has anyone else. Seems like a select few have install problems, big deal. It's already patched.
If the game is that bad of a port I will just wait for 3 months and get it for dirt cheap on Steam. Mods will have a good lead time by then.

Scatpants1413d ago

Honestly, I have a gaming PC and I almost never encounter problems in games, but I do read about all sorts of people have problems with every release. I just think it's amusing to push PC elitist's buttons.

slappy5081412d ago

And that's one of the reasons why I love PC gaming. Mods have made skyrim and fallout relevant still today. All those texture packs, weapon mods and weather mods I installed were completely free. I'll also wait and see what the community does with Dying light

IrishSt0ner1412d ago

What's you honest 'Gaming PC' specs? I have my doubts...

"Most multiplats I get for my PS4 since they're usually higher resolution"

Scatpants1412d ago

It's been a while since I updated the graphics card, but I have a gtx570 with an I7 2600k processor overclocked to 4.3 GHz. I'll probably get a GTX970 when the Oculus comes out. Also not sure where you got your quote from is that one of my old comments, you're quite a detective. I like to play on consoles better because I don't really give a shit about the difference between PS4 and PC and I dont feel like shelling out 500 bucks every 2 years for a dick waving contest.

IrishSt0ner1412d ago

Quote came from your publically available comment history posted just over a month ago, not old IMO. 7 clicks is not good detective work, only looked back because I expected to find hyprocrisy.

I do accept you have a gaming pc, and the GPU explains why you prefer multiplats on PS. I'll be interested to see when you get the 970 if that'll remain true.

Also, my $300 GPU will outperform the next-gen consoles for their whole cycle so not sure where this '$500 every 2 years' idea comes from.

I don't give a shit about console vs PC either, game on console happily... however I pick the best version that I can play on for multiplats, just like you, do you not see the hypocrisy?

TedCruzsTaint1412d ago

So what you're saying is you're an instigator.

So you dislike the apparent elitism some put on display, though you then goad them on all the same . . .

Stay classy, Scatpants.

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Apocalypze1413d ago

There you have it folks , No matter how powerful PC is there will always be a problem.

Vegamyster1413d ago

I have 100+ Games on Steam, i've only had issues running one which required 5 minutes on Google to fix.

fluffydelusions1413d ago (Edited 1413d ago )

I have like 260 something games and I think I only had one with an issue and it was like a 10+ year old game and the fix is a sticky right on Steam forums section for the game. Took only a minute to fix.

AD7051413d ago

This iz just a little article for those who are having issues which is just a few people. It's actually a very good version. I don't get why you guys think every pc games is unoptimized based on a few people having problems. You don;t see me applying every console game to fallout 3 on the ps3.

starchild1413d ago

That's just a load of crap. 99% of the games I have on my PC run perfectly fine. The other 1% aren't perfect, but they are still superior to the console versions.

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