Will Microsoft Spread Themselves Too Thin?

CheatCC says - "Xbox One…Windows Ten…Xbox many irons in the fire is one too many?

You have to hand it to Phil Spencer, as he truly seems like a guy who sincerely wants what’s best for his company. More importantly, he wants what’s best for his consumer base (which isn’t always an easy thing to figure out). Running a major gaming division involves more than just churning out games and hardware with your feet kicked up as you watch the money roll in. The Xbox One’s struggles in 2014 can attest to that."

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Death1362d ago

Interesting article. Typically in business diversity is a good thing. The only time it can be bad is when the company can't afford to take the risks often associated with becoming more diverse. I don't think that will be a problem for Microsoft any time soon. Besides that, before Xbox One, Windows 10 and Xbox Live we had Xbox 360, Windows 8, and Xbox Live. Outside of Hololens, what other iron did Microsoft put into the fire? Microsoft Band is the only thing that comes to mind that was new late last year and I wouldn't say that commitment is putting any other in jeopardy.