Ubisoft declares war on "fraudulent" serial keys, but hits gamers in the crossfire

Dealspwn writes: "But there's a harder question to be asked. Why are so many of us using serial key resellers, exactly? Could it be, perhaps, that money-mad publishers have marked up digital games to ridiculous levels, then sold them on proprietary platforms locked to wheezing DRM? Could it be that, compared to forking out £45 for a Uplay-only version of (oh, I don't know...) Assassin's Creed Unity with absolutely no resale value and no guarantee of actually working without massive technical errors, paying out a fraction of the cost to a serial key reseller seems to be the right choice? Especially when these digital games can instantly disappear without warning, making a mockery of the concept of ownership?

Well, obviously."

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FuzzyPixels1363d ago

The situation needs resolving, certainly, but high digital pricing from publishers has led to consumers looking elsewhere. Ubisoft themselves are terrible culprits, also forcing users to wrestle with the cancerous mess that is Uplay.

Yet again, Ubisoft have blundered into a situation, failed completely with communication, and only succeeded in making things worse.