Wii U to New 3DS Streaming: Far Fetched But Fun to Think About

Recent speculation online about Wii U streaming to 3DS led Zack at Gamer Thoughts to share his own musings. He knows speculation can be far from the truth, especially when applying new functions to existing hardware.

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marloc_x1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

Did not really describe why it is a far fetched concept.

We already knew it's only speculation :)

zdkapl1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

Mainly because there is no indication beyond the speculation that Nintendo's hardware could do this. PS4's remote play and NVIDIA'S graphics cards that support gamestream have that built in to support. So basically its far fetched because its not as simple as it sounds to do something like this with existing hardware. Hopefully that makes a bit more sense,maybe something will come of this speculation, too early to say what we might hear at e3!

marloc_x1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

We can only speculate on New 3DS hardware either way then? ;)

E3 could be full of surprises :)

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

it wont stream
it does it would had been announced in Japan before hand

wonderfulmonkeyman1359d ago

I think it would be more likely to work better in reverse, with 3DS games popping up on Wii U.
To those that say they'd look terrible like that?
It doesn't make my digital copies of GBA games look bad on the big screen, so why would it be any different with 3DS games, which are even higher fidelity?

eyeofcore1359d ago


It is as simple as it sounds. N3DS decoder supports same video format that is being used in Wii U to stream to gamepad which is h264. Nintendo only needs to create an app or update the OS of N3DS to receive video stream from Wii U.

Dragon Quest X Online on 3DS is using an application to stream Dragon Quest X to original 3DS that has a slow CPU which was a bottleneck to download and upload speed of the wi-fi chip it had.

New Nintendo 3DS has a faster CPU and can process downloads and uploads three times faster than original 3DS and it has a video decoder which partially offsets some load from CPU. N3DS is capable enough to render video stream for upper screen 3D and stream for lower screen.


How do you know it won't stream? You need to think, Nintendo would rather save it for a big event such as E3 to drop the bomb and have most effect on sales. Do it right and you rip the benefits.


GBA games on Wii U are recoded(perfectly emulated?) for Wii U's hardware which includes features not available in original like filtering and upscale(maybe its also rendered at higher resolutions?)...

3DS and N3DS can decode videos, but recording compressing and sending video in real time is processing intensive and even Vita can't pull that off otherwise if it could then(lets be realistic) PSVTV would not exist in the first place.