HoloLens and Should PC Gamers Care about Windows 10? - ClashCast

At 7:12, Nicholas Scala and Marcin Skok begin to discuss HoloLens and whether it is a viable product for work and play.

At 46:38, they discuss whether Microsoft's Windows 10 announcements from Xbox should mean anything, or were they just meaningless PR?

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DEEBO1413d ago

Hell yeah push technology don't stagnate it.

Wizard_King1412d ago

OS is tech at all, is software.

And for the record MS isn't even pushing that department, they are just cutting things back and making their OS's more like consoles so they can shove a store in your face that's all.

DX12 will do nothing for PC gaming.

Lenrulesdaworld1412d ago

roflmao, not sure if serious but that was funny none the less. best joke today so far but why the hate genuine question, i'll wait for a response.