Rumor: Mass Effect 4 Should be at E3 2015, Planned to Release in 2016

OnlySP: We know that a new Mass Effect is in development, and just a few months ago we were shown some glimpses of concept art from the game, but until now we haven’t really heard much about the game itself. According to Shinboi, that’ll change at E3 this year.

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DarkOcelet1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

It was sort of in E3 2014 so its a no brainer it will be most definitely here. I was hoping for a 2015 release but if it as they say bigger than DAI then hell, take your time with it. I want it to be perfect. And hopefully it is not exclusive as rumored.

PockyKing1359d ago

I think it makes sense to release in 2016 with all that EA has coming this year. Battlefront, new NFS, Battlefield...all major sellers.

obelix991359d ago

I wish we would here more about StarWars. Battlefront. There's very little known about it.

joab7771359d ago

It won't be. It would be awesome to have something like DA:I, instead of a map of ferelden, we get the galaxies. Select a planet and it has a couple open spaces and city hubs.

Seriously, take your time. Make it big. Allow us to choose our character this time. Populate the world with many quests etc.

DarkOcelet1359d ago

Well since they are bringing the Mako back then i am pretty sure it will be big. Lets just hope the new protagonist is as badass as Shepard.

spacedelete1359d ago

anyone remember that article were it said EA was expecting 10 million sales from Battlefront ? in the same sales report it had Mass Effect listed in 2016. definitely getting announced this year.

PockyKing1359d ago

If Battlefront gets 10 million in sales, you'll be seeing a lot more Battlefront I'd imagine. Which also kinda worries me.

Skate-AK1359d ago

Have they said if it is current gen exclusive? If it's between the PS4,PS3,Xbone,360 and PC, I can see it hitting 10 million very quickly.

Summons751359d ago

Do you think it will be announced before or after the Mass Effect Trilogy Collection on PS4/Xbone?

PockyKing1359d ago (Edited 1359d ago )

Uh...idk. The only opinion I have on that is that they might announce it sometime soon to garner hype and sales for the new Mass Effect. But, considering they're working on Shadow Realms, Mass Effect and their Star Wars game, I'd place bets on them outsourcing it if they are doing it

Edit: Misred your question, gave opinion on Mass Effect trilogy announcement. Next Mass Effect has already kinda been announced, just not revealed yet.

Roccetarius1359d ago

It was only realistic to expect this in 2016. No way they had the development time for releasing it in 2015, due to the (at least mentioned) ambitions they have.

chikane1359d ago

Really hope the other company doesn't steal this game from PS fan..If you know what i mean

TheRedButterfly1359d ago

You mean the company that published the first one? And would've published all of them had EA not bought the studio?

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