Destiny: Beat this weeks Nightfall with ease

Here is this weeks Nightfall Strike Walkthrough. This weeks Nightfall is Omnigul and the modifiers are:

Nightfall – If all players die, you will be returned to orbit.

Epic – Heavily shielded and highly aggressive enemies appear in great numbers.

Arc Burn - Arc Damage from any source is greatly increased

Solar Burn – Solar Damage from any source is greatly increased

Void Burn – Void Damage from any source is greatly increased

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ABMN1362d ago

It's a pretty great strike. Its not super easy. Everything that shoots at you does 3x damage. Check out the video for how to best complete it.

NEO_X1362d ago

Oh man. Has there ever been a strike with all three burns? This should be interesting. Good video. Thanks.

ABMN1362d ago

Not that I know of. but it does make for a fun/frustrating Nightfall.

Christopher1362d ago

Yes, there has. But, it's been a few months.

Stapleface1362d ago

Yes, the Archon Priest (Winters Run) had all 3 burns a while ago. It was a tough one for sure unless you cheese from the beginning of the boss area.

NEO_X1362d ago

I wish you could still cheese it like that. Winters run is so much harder now.

Stapleface1362d ago

@Neo, you can. They took out the spot under that deck area where the Vandal snipers stand. The beginning spot can still be used to cheese it on nightfalls.

Christopher1362d ago

This will be challenging solo. I'm up for it.

NEO_X1362d ago

Dude. That is a challenge right there. With everything doing 3 times the damage make sure you don't get hit by anything :)

Nineball21121362d ago

Yeah, I don't think I'll be attempting this solo. LOL

Let us know if you make it!

ABMN1362d ago

if I uploaded a video of me doing this solo.. it would just be a 15 min video fo me cursing at the screen ;)

Pixolator1362d ago

What is that primary weapon he's using?

katzura661362d ago

Abyss Defiant (hard raid autorifle)

Pixolator1362d ago

@katzura66 thank for the reply mate, can I get it from "VoG HM" or "CE HM"? Looks like a good gun. Well I lack luck in Destiny drops, "still couldn't get the Husk of the pit.. been trying like 2 weeks, don't see myself getting this gun from Raid.

katzura661359d ago

You get it from Crotas end hard mode, from the bridge part.

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