MGSV: The Phantom Pain's tricky camerawork is a challenge for Kojima

The intro of Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes' consists of a single camera shot, with no cuts. This same style will be applied to the cutscenes of The Phantom Pain, as well as transitioning from and to gameplay seamlessly. According to Kojima, achieving this style is a pain.

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ps4gamer19831386d ago

Waiting for the release date is huge pain.

Nyxus1386d ago

Maybe so, but at least they're not rushing it.

ps4gamer19831386d ago (Edited 1386d ago )

No I don't want it rushed either. Bu5 I just wish they wouldn't show a game 3-4 yea4s before it's even close to being revealed. Especially since they shut down MGO2 and had us waiting so long for any news on a 3rd one.

I'll wait, as Bloodborne will keep me entertained in Q1 of 2015.

christian hour1386d ago

I love that single shot in Children of Men (although achieved through digital trickery).

Same with Birdman, that whole film was cut together fantastically to make it seem like one long take, really captured the dream logic it was aiming for which helped the ending achieve the ambiguity it represented. So many possibilities in that ending, what a freaking amazing movie.

Can't wait to see what Kojima does with single shot takes in MGSV :)

zeuanimals1386d ago

Nothing beats Hitchcock's Rope, though. No digital cuts, just straight genius.

Loved both Children of Men and Birdman though. I suggest Birdman if you're a fan of acting and filmmaking, I know people who aren't "fans" that didn't enjoy it much and thought the film was too shallow. It's sort of an acquired taste.

Darkwatchman1386d ago

I get what you did there. The phantom PAIN. A huge PAIN. Ha

boing11386d ago

Whole Ground Zeroes was on a master shot. Very impressive stuff IMO.

Gatsu1386d ago

Love Kojima-san and his camera :) !