Where’s the Dying Light Review?

Up until this afternoon, a mere twelve hours before launch, no outlet had their hands on a review code for Techland’s open-world action-survival title. With a nearly 20 GB file size, potential power outages across the Northeastern United States, and the potential for a lengthy experience, getting a review up by the time Dying Light was released was out of the question. With all of that being said, any reviews posted within the next 12 or so hours should probably be taken with a heavy grain of salt.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen3161d ago

If only more reviewers had the balls to do an "actual" review instead taking shortcuts. When HCG's review is done, you'll get a click from me.

Gamer19823161d ago

This sending out late review copies is done out of fear nowadays. Pre-orders are down compared to previous years thanks to broken games so developers are sending out late review copies so people still get the game day 1. They are truly not confident of there own games. As if they were they would be in reviewers hands and those score would be up in time for launch.. I always say if your confident you have a great game then you wouldn't send out late review copies.

die_fiend3161d ago

How can they do an 'actual' review when they've only just received the game?

The reason the game has just landed in their laps is because it's pure p00p

Ozmoses3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

I don't need reviews.. I picked it up at GameStop last night (thankfully they stayed open, I'm on the east coast)

I played about 2 hours because I was tired as hell..

But right off the back I was drawn in...

It's hard to pinpoint exactly what the game is like... But I'm definitely feeling a FarCry type zombie game... at least that's my first impression so far..

the crafting system works on the fly... you don't have to go to a safe area in order to craft something or anything like that.

the lockpick systems is also very reminiscent of games like Skyrim...

I have no problems with the game so far.. It seems to have an actual story.. and the voice actors are pretty good.


Don't know about you but I hate the lock picking in this game!

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Reefskye3161d ago

I personally never bother with reviews, In this day and age it's very easy make your own opinion of games just by being on the internet. Only reviews I take some notice of are steam user review's and even then I can tell if I'm going to enjoy a game or not just by gameplay videos.

Fro_xoxo3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

for those of you that depend on reviews.

The media's got you by the b4lls lol. .

I don't need to be told what to play, or whether I should avoid a game like a plague.



LordMaim3161d ago

There's a difference between being told what to think, and taking heed if a consistent majority of reviewers warn their readers about issues with a product.

If something interests me, I'll buy it. Reviews just help me decide at what price point I jump in at.

joab7773161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

That's true but I do wonder why they waited. Good reviews will only sell more at launch. Are they worried that b/c they didn't buy ad space that they won't get a fair shake?

It is techland, so is the game bug ridden. Often, they try to sell as many as possible b4 ppl can read reviews. If that's the case, it's bad. If not, I feel bad for the publishers that aren't EA, Ubisoft, Activision and can't afford to buy their reviews.

Allsystemgamer3161d ago

Watched about an hour last night. Didn't see many bugs

MSpence5163161d ago

Played 3 player coop for 4 hours straight last night with only a few character animation issues. I expect a few glitches so it was no big deal. My pals and I got some good laughs from them. :)

Palitera3161d ago

They were got by media, you were by marketing.

Reviews are a valid source of info if you are intelligent enough.

HaveSumNuts3161d ago

It's more that we want to know whether the game is good or not. Some people actually want to know if the whole game is good and not give our money straight away not knowing what to fully expect. "The media has got us by the balls" lol it's people who pre-order the game who are most likely to be held by the balls (AC Unity, Destiny, MCC, Driveclub etc)

Sketchy_Galore3161d ago (Edited 3161d ago )

Listening to the opinions of others while retaining some skepticism about their motives and using all of the available information to help you make up your own mind =/= Being told what to do.

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GearSkiN3161d ago

I read the reviews not base on their opinions tho, coz most of the time, they would actually say how the game is, if the game doest make do same type of mission etc, that's what I looks for.

OpenGL3161d ago

I refuse to purchase a game from an unproven developer like Techland until reviews come out. If this was Naughty Dog or Rockstar? Sure, They've built up enough good will for me to trust them. I liked Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood but Dead Island while fun for a little while was an extremely flawed game and definitely not worth $60.

Unfortunately Activision showed that you can purposefully delay reviews to improve sales and I'm sure that Dying Light is following Bungie / Activision's lead, and will not be the last game to hold back review copies until after the release of a game. We also don't get demos anymore so we're supposed to just trust the marketing material put out by a publisher that their game will be good.

I want to buy Dying Light but this practice bothers me, so I'll wait for reviews to see if I should give this a chance.

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