Grim Fandango Remastered – a bumpy trip through the Land of the Dead | Gaming Trend

"The recent spate of game remakes has, in my opinion, been an absolute boon. It breathes new life into the classic games I grew up with, letting me share them with my loved ones. Grim Fandango reaches back to 1998 in a time when LucasArts was cranking out the best point-and-click adventure games ever made, and Tim Schafer was at the helm. Times changed and Tim went on to form his own band of misfits over at Double Fine. Eventually LucasArts folded into Disney Co. and the hope of an updated version of this classic adventure became a reality. And yes…Tim Schafer is once again at the helm."

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Knightshade1387d ago

It's awesome to be able to take this on the go with my Vita. :D

onelastkiss4you1386d ago

Never got to play this when it originally came out. Excited to get to try out a classic.

Ridah1386d ago

Played this back in the day and loved it. Can't decide if I want to leave it to memory or revisit.