Top 8 Xbox 360 Games You Can’t Stop Playing

The Xbox 360 was the dominant console of last generation. Now the Xbox One has released but everyone can agree that the 360 saw some of the best games ever made. Plenty of games have been released since it’s launched in 2005, making the task of choosing the best on the console an extremely tough one.

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cyberblackdeals3234d ago

Gears Of War should be on top not on 7th number

bouzebbal3234d ago (Edited 3234d ago )

the one and only game i can't stop playing on 360 is Lost Odyssey. i tried GeOW3 it was garbage both gameplay, voice acting and story.
Lost Odyssey is the best last gen's JRPG, very far ahead of any other game in the same genre and every JRPG fan should play that game at any cost! I would add DOA4 in there as well as PGR.

voodoochild3463234d ago

You can't make a statement like that without going into detail. Why is gears 3 garbage? As a hardcore gears fan I thought plenty of the balancing decisions gave terrible players and people who run stacked all the time an upper hand but it wasn't a garbage game. It was amazing for 6 months until Quinn del Hoyo decided to buffhis beloved retro lancer instead of nerfing the active lancer.

Double Toasted3234d ago

Gears 3 gameplay was garbage? What are you smoking? That's the apex of 3rd person shooters.

bouzebbal3234d ago (Edited 3234d ago )

i recently got a 360 home with many games and Gears of War 3 was one of these. I was really eager to play it but i think it was a painful game to play. first due to its linearity and weak gun shootings, and second i thought the voice acting was terrible and doesn't allow a good immersion. Speaking of immersion the story feels like a low class writing with Fenix's father's experiment...
i only played through the first 3 levels and i had to stop. i really was impressed by the first one back in 2006, but the third one just aged too bad for me to enjoy it.

@Double Toasted: i didnt like the gameplay, it was too stiff and weak. felt like a soulless shooter to me and i didnt see the fun in it.. bottom line.

BillytheBarbarian3234d ago

Gears 3 is the best game I've played last Gen. Still play it regularly. There's nothing like it on any other console. Online game play is fun, addictive, and visceral. If you're not playing multi player then yeah, you'll get bored easily. But that's with all shooters including halo. Horde, beast, and forces of nature...it's going to be a long time for anything to beat it. Judgment sucked. If Gears 4 is like judgment you can count me out.

360 5life, because 5 is more than 4.

Gazondaily3234d ago (Edited 3234d ago )

I agree with regard to the story and voice acting. It was simply awful. It took me ages to complete simply because I couldn't be arsed to go back to it.

It was repetitive fare with the same template over and over again. Mash one button mindlessly to open a gate (great fun!) on rails sections, move to next area and stomach another bit of tiresome unengaging dialogue.

The MP was okay were it not for that one shot shotgun that catered for the trolls out there.

Beast mode was fun whilst it lasted though.

All in all it felt like the franchise was hit with severe fatigue and let's not even talk about Judgement.

I'm not that eager for the next gen version barring maybe the visual splendour of it. They need to fundamentally change a few things to keep Gears relevant .

Btw, this list is absolutely dire imo

Magicite3234d ago (Edited 3234d ago )

I have played most high-scoring X360 exclusives, including Lost Odyssey, but I dare to say - Tales of Vesperia was my most favorite one. I know its not exactly exclusive, but I still consider it as one.
As for best last gen JRPG, I would probably nominate Ni No Kuni.
P.S. Calling Gears garbage is a bit overboard.

spicelicka3234d ago

That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. If you didn't play more than 3 missions you have no credibility. It's one of the least linear TPS game considering you can play 4 play co-op, which I'm guessing you didn't bother with. The multiplayer is one of the greatest of last-gen. On top of that they got Horde and beast mode. It's just a brilliant game in every regard except story-telling, which is the only thing I'll sort of agree on.

WilDRangeRfc3234d ago

The fact that you use GEOW3 not GOW 3 says that you are a PS and God Of War fan so cut the BS and stealth trolling buddy your fooling no one,Gears is one of the best franchises ever created,following,community gaming awards and sales speak for themselves,I have a PS4,360 and X1 and the only game that betters Gears MP and story is TLOUR.Maybe you played it once round a friends got annihalated by the Gnasher online and gave up smh

bouzebbal3234d ago

sorry for hurting your feeling by insulting someone so close to you.. that's how you're reacting.
i am allowed to give my take on the game because i have it and it was painful to play. one of the best series ever created? i will suggest you start playing games then.

donthate3233d ago


Gears of War (especially the third one) and Mass Effect (especially the first one) series was and is my favorite game since Xbox 360 was released.

It is fair that you cannot enjoy GeoW3, but to call it garbage speaks hugely about your "maturity".

I still go back to GeoW3 and GeoW:J multiplayer every now and then. Still some people playing it, so I hope we get a remake on Xbox One!!!

andibandit3233d ago

Ok so you think GeOW3 is garbage, and then in another post you list
"The Order 1886" as one of your most anticipated titles......scratches head

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cyberblackdeals3234d ago

Totaly agree with you

3-4-53234d ago

What a bad title.

I DID stop playing those games, so article writer person.....HA!

iNFAMOUZ13233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

i gotta admit, even though i found the series annoying at the time, i kinda miss gears of war, hopefully the next one isn't super filled with action, but more tense, horror story instead, with big monsters of course

guitarded773233d ago

Maybe... it's my favorite 360 exclusive. The list itself sucks though. 2 XBOX exclusives on an XBOX list? They're all great games, but when I think "XBOX 360 games", I'm thinking exclusives, so the list was kinda a letdown.

Orionsangel3233d ago

I always come back to Gears 1 online. It never gets old. Ever!

Perjoss3233d ago

"Gears Of War should be on top not on 7th number"

You spelt Red Dead Redemption wrong.

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usman31443234d ago

Dark Souls, Red Dead Redemption and Mass Effect 2 was good on xbox 360. played alot

Foehammer3234d ago

World of Tanks on 360

Anybody know if it's coming to X1?

gamehunter3234d ago

no i think it will not come

JasonKCK3233d ago (Edited 3233d ago )

Back when they were doing the beta for 360 there was some mention of it possibly going next gen. My memory could be wrong so take it with a grain of salt. I don't own next gen consoles (yet) because I went PC this time, so I don't pay too much attention to X1/PS4.

slayer2543234d ago

Skyrim should be the game of the year.....also Forza Horizon should be added

faisalsheikh143234d ago

I enjoy plaing Gears of War III and halo reach on xbox 360.