Impressive Project CARS Vs Real Life Comparison At Road America

Youtube channel DigiProst have released an intriguing Project CARS vs real life comparison of Road America.

Project CARS’ weather is slightly different to the real life video on the left but getting past that, the game looks realistic on its own even if it doesn’t match the conditions 100% when compared to the real life video.

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Geobros1359d ago

Thats really impressive!!

hennessey861359d ago

the colour of the tarmac is completely different, other than that its a good model

u4one1359d ago

the real one on the left is shot with a go pro or other action cam so the sensor doesn't have a high dynamic range, thus overexposing the road and making it washed out and bright. Project Cars is lit like how it would be in a studio or for tv or something - even though its not real you still have to light it to look good and that means darkening things down... like imagine if tv shows were shot with consumer cams of equal quality the differences would be similar.

TeamVVV1359d ago

I don't write impressive for nothing! ;)

Can't wait for this game, especially after the disappointing recent offerings from the Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport series'.

PeaSFor1359d ago

what about the IA, which is supposed to be a real "cluster f*ck" and totally on rail?

is that impressive too?

ps4fanboy1359d ago

Apart from frame rate flux and darker road surface , pretty indistinguishable , impressive , though tbh I'll wait for turismo for my sim fix , I should have a wheel by then.

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