The Division: Skills And Skill Mods Systems

This is a video explaining the skills and skill mods systems of The Division as it exists today.

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Codewow1360d ago

I can't wait to hear more about this gorgeous looking game. I want more details on the engine, features, and well... just purely everything. This is my most hyped game right now. Ubisoft please don't destroy my trust with this game!

medman1360d ago

I'm glad you're excited, but Ubisoft doesn't deserve your excitement. Not with the 2014 they delivered to gamers.

Codewow1360d ago

Maybe they learned from their mistakes. Maybe the developers of the game manage their time better. Maybe, just maybe, everything will just work out... *crosses fingers* Don't mistake my hype though. I will NOT be preordering video games until changes occur in the gaming industry. I will wait for the game to release before I make any decision to purchase said game. I just hope that maybe this game will be a success, not for Ubisoft, but for it's players.

CloudRap1360d ago

So are we gonna have loot to collect like weapons and armor?

dreamed1360d ago

Like someone said in another post..."this game will drown in its own hype"...

mook10221360d ago

If I were Tom Clancy...I'd be like f*ck this up and we're through Ubisoft! :)

Oschino19071360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

He died October 1, 2013 (aged 66).

I would say he is rolling over in his grave but must add he is rolling over in money.

I doubt his family is complaining about video games when the checks keep coming.