CS:GO Match fixing scandal - Everything you need to know

MWEB GameZone writes: "It's time to take a deeper look at yet another CS:GO scandal which has rocked the competitive gaming world. Cheating was not enough, and now several players have been banned from all Valve supported CSGO majors following match fixing in August last year.

With 2015 promised to be the year of Counter-Strike, is this how we want to start it off?"

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HanCilliers2070d ago

Why is it the 2nd time this happens to the same game within a few months time? Have to say, I never thought it would be CSGO.

CongoKyle2070d ago

This happened in Dota 2 a year or two ago. A player placed a $322 bet against his team and they threw the game pretty hard. Ruined his career for $322.

SonZeRo2070d ago

Why do people insist on ruining their careeers in gaming like this?

bmf73642070d ago

Pro gaming is at the same phase as pro baseball. Remember all of the players banned for fixed gambling? The difference is that individual devs have to take action instead of one committee (MLB)

DesVader2070d ago

As soon as some kind of betting is allowed, there is bound to be events like this occuring.