"No Video Game Day" Starting in Northern Japan

This isn't nationwide. But next month, Hokkaido Prefecture is rolling out "No Video Game Day." There won't be just one of these days, but two—and two every month.

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vishmarx1365d ago

korea needs this so bad

Skate-AK1365d ago

Taiwan too. Would be sad to have your life end in an Internet Cafe.

PoSTedUP1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

what!?! i-i couldnt imagine...

screw school, drop out and be a gamer. youll be happier.

LightofDarkness1365d ago

Perhaps this makes sense when mom and dad are footing the bill, or you have some form of talent that can be monetized. Otherwise, welcome to what's considered poverty in this day and age. Even if you just want to clean the toilets in a supermarket, they're looking at the very least a high/secondary school qualification in most places.

caseh1365d ago

Not sure what toilets they are, must be very special.

PoSTedUP1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

you dont need school to get a good job, actually. you can get a job if you know the trade like carpentry or construction. you can be apprenticed as a barber and make good money cutting hair. if you grew up working on cars you'll get hired as a mechanic if you know what you're doing. my friend got into the union as a custodian before he finished HS starting at 55k a year, it maxes out at 80k or something, that's like a Nurse; without the stress or 150k in debt. you can get into the union at stop and shop without an education and take the managers program to become a manager, they max-out nicely after 20 years. you'll get paid well just stocking shelves if youre there long enough. garbage men start out at over 20 bucks an hour working for the town. and if you save your money, you can start your own business. i use to make $1300 a week marble dusting etc. i can go on and on, actually. you have a bad understanding of what poverty is and how you can make good money.

so, you're way wrong. did you learn that in school? no offense.

il-JumperMT1364d ago

One of the top DOTA2 Streamers makes 60k$ per year in subscriptions and 20k$ per month in donations.

Clogmaster1365d ago

Learning a trade is still education. I don't think you can get certified from Youtube videos.

But you are right that there are alternate avenues than post secondary education which is overpriced.

They are just not as mainstream, advertised, or accepted in society. Honestly though, the trade system is way better and more practical than post secondary for field work.

PoSTedUP1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

actually no. you dont always have to go to school to learn a trade or to get a good job. you just need the training or experience for said job. maybe truck drivers you need a certified license for your CDL, hazmat or class-A etc. thats prob like 5k total for the schooling and they can make some good money (but im against sitting down all day, its not good for your health). but not all jobs require schooling, as i mentioned above. a buddy of mine works as a mechanic in the back of an auto shop, he gets most of the profits because it is his shop. he never went to school to be a mechanic. i know a lot of people, all over, that have good paying jobs, some with just a HS diploma, some with none, and some with a few years of community college. in fact, i know more people that did 4 plus years in college that cant find a job in their field, or have and it doesn't pay more than 40k a year-- than i do ppl who didnt graduate or haven't gone to college.

VTKC1365d ago

lol I imagine this will be a very very VERY long gruelling day. China needs this implemented from all the times people dropping dead due to ridiculous amounts of consecutive hours in staying awake playing videogames and other horror stories where couples leave their baby unattended so long that it dies of hunger and malnutrition.

Skate-AK1365d ago

When I first read this almost a year ago, it was so sad. Who would sell their 2 kids for virtual items?


Concertoine1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

I think this is a good thing, sometimes i fear for the future with this increasingly isolated world where everyone stares at their phone all day worrying about social network crap while the world goes on around them. Its nice to get away from games and whatnot every once and a while and do something more productive.

SteamPowered1365d ago

I wish North America would open up a Mandatory Gaming Day. Take the day off and enjoy some digital fun. I find less and less time to game as I get older and I certainly dont want the magic of gaming to be forgotten.

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