Crossy Road Update... Still Fails to Answer the Most Important Question of All Time

"The 21st century’s answer to the arcade classic Frogger remains surprisingly unchanged. Although you cleverly start out as a chicken and not a frog, there are still roads and rivers to cross one step at a time, with the inescapable modern touch of collecting coins to unlock new playable characters. Players of a certain vintage will get a truly satisfying buzz from eventually unlocking (or buying) a frog to replace your chicken." - Grab It

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SlappingOysters1359d ago

There's something about the name of this game that really puts me off checking it out.

shipnabottle1359d ago

Haha, I held off for a while too, largely due to the name. Even after relenting and downloading it I'll admit it has a lot of charm but I'm still not sure how it's gotten so huge. I guess just one of those viral success stories.

It is a nicely put together piece of work though, very clean visually and mechanically. And the F2P structure is pretty harmless, so it has a lot going in its favour.

Still not something I've given much time over to though.

CoyoteHunter1359d ago

I haven't given this one a go but I wonder if I'm of that vintage you refer to? Is it really worth my time anyone?

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