Mobile barriers to entry have risen - Tommy Palm

Brendan Sinclair: Former King games guru helping a new generation of devs with Stugan accelerator

The free-to-play business model has lowered the barrier to entry for consumers in recent years, but it's raised the barrier to entry for developers. That's one of the reasons former King games guru Tommy Palm co-founded the Stugan accelerator, which last week began accepting applicants for its inaugural program.

"If you compare the mobile games market, what it was three or four years ago, it was much lower barriers to entry then," Palm told "You could make a premium game and you had a chance of getting it to the top grossing charts. I think that's extremely hard to do today. We're seeing more and more games become freemium, and that is much tougher to work with. It demands more knowledge on analytics and marketing, charging for things in your game, running the game as a service, etc. So the challenges are bigger in 2015 than they were in 2011 for sure."

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