Forging a Hellblade - Gameplay and the evolution of Indies

MWEB GameZone writes: "As evidenced by Hellblade, No Man’s Sky, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter and more, the tide is changing. The indie game doesn’t have any specific design quirks anymore. The indie game is slowly becoming any game. And that is a really good thing."

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HanCilliers1365d ago

Hellblade has all the makings to be an exceptional game. I love how Ninja Theory say they're not making the game to appeal to everyone, and how it's a showcase of that which they are passionate about.

yes please.

DevilOgreFish1364d ago

Last time I saw hellblade's documentary they seem pretty feedback critical. And then they mention community input from mods. I think they're changing a little.

lord zaid1364d ago

That's a good thing. Getting an outside opinion on you work can work miracles sometimes

HanCilliers1364d ago

That would be a sad day and a complete turn around :<

SonZeRo1365d ago

I'll wait ti ll it comes out to judge.

lord zaid1364d ago

This is less about Hellblade itself and more about the principle. The idea that a game can be made is more important than Hellblade itself

Sillicur1365d ago

Hopefully it will do well, I love me some indie games, especially high quality ones like Ethan Carter

CongoKyle1364d ago

"Basically everything shown about the game so far looks money."

Indie devs selling out? :O

lord zaid1364d ago

HAHA. that just means it looks expensive dude.