Super Mario 3D World, and How Nintendo Could Save Us

The often overlooked Super Mario 3D World shows us that Nintendo are driving the games industry forward without us even realising. Jakk Jennings looks at its qualities.

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Metallox1386d ago

"Nintendo had provided a detox for the modern day gamer, the antidote to a poisoned bloodstream.


Good read, and I actually agree with the author completely, mostly because of the point above. If you ever ask me why I think 3D World was the peak of the Mario series, I'd just say it's simple the most entertaining game in the history of the franchise since the 2D titles.

3D World is basically an arcade game for me, one packaged with perfectly polished gameplay, gorgeous visuals, and amazing sound and music. You just choose the levels and that's it, let's move on to good platforming. The Galaxy entries are similar to 3D World, but they always had that weird camera and I just wasn't fan of the level design that much.