A defense of Binding of Isaac from a former fundamentalist Christian

Polygon: Why does The Binding of Isaac need a "defense?"

It’s already wildly popular, and the biggest fans on the game's subreddit would laugh at the mere 70 hours I’ve logged on The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth. I would have logged more if I didn’t have articles to write to pay my bills.

Its creator, Edmund McMillen, is one of the most successful gamedev graduates of the dark Flash-based underworld of Newgrounds. There have been numerous think pieces already published about The Binding of Isaac, including the controversy over its religious content and including people desperately trying to make sense of its surreal backstory and ending.

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NovusTerminus1387d ago

I am a Christian, and I love the game!

mixelon1387d ago

Well, that was deep.

I'm really glad I didn't have fundie parents of any description, and I hope my daughter never equates her upbringing to something like TBOI, haha.

GokuSolosAll1387d ago

Unfortunately the game is hugely offensive to me as a Christian. I won't go all SJW on it (straight white Christian males aren't allowed to anyway) but there is no "defense." If you play it (I tried it; fun game) you should do so knowing it's not in sync with Christian faith and is pretty blasphemous.

I wish there was a mode to play without certain elements.

360ICE1387d ago

I wish you had a mode that didn't include certain elements...

That aside, that was a very interesting read!

scorpio_20491386d ago

I'm pretty sure I couldn't play through it either. I think people's view of God is incredibly skewed toward hating sin to the point that he hates people who sin. But nothing, literally nothing, could be further from the truth. At least the second part. Yes people need to understand that God hates sin, but they also have to take comfort in the fact that God is crazy about us.

I was raised by a conservative Christian family and they told me that sin went against God and he didn't like sin. But that wasn't the main thing they taught me. The #1 thing they taught me about God is that he LOVES me.

I realize a lot of families preached too heavily on the sin part, which is a key part of God's plan, but didn't tell the whole story of the love part, the forgiveness part. That's the reason Jesus is so important(without him sin wins, story over). If God did hate us for sinning, Jesus surely wouldn't have ever died on our behalf.

God really really hates sin, but man is he CRAZY about us. And that's why Jesus showed up.

Gh05t1387d ago

Wow, that took me back... repressed memories creeping back up.

I never played this game but I know I bought it a while back when it was on sale, may have to download it and see what its about.