Dean Razavi on Vidar, The RPG Where Everyone Dies

Ahmad Khan writes: "However, Puzzle rpgs are dime a dozen on Steam and GOG so I don't pay much attention to them, but once in a while I come across a project that have enough of the 'woh!' to grab my attention. Vidar is one of those projects. I don't know what piqued my curiosity about it, perhaps it's the name Vidar: the name of the Norse god of vengeance; or perhaps tagline on the Kickstarter did it; "A rpg where everyone dies." Whatever it was, I just had to know a bit more about this game, and I am sure our fine readers would be interested as well. With that in mind I contacted Mr. Dean Razavi the public face of Vidar in hopes of getting an interview. Dean was kind enough to accept our request and promptly responded to our rapid fire interview questions."

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