5 Games From Software Should Borrow

Bagogames takes a look at what franchises From Software should play with.

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ps4gamer19831453d ago (Edited 1453d ago )

I had once thought that FromSoftware (makers of Armored Core (shooter game), Tenchu, King's Field, Bloodborne and Souls series (plus many other games)) would have been PERFECT to work on Metal Gear Online 3. Few games have the depth and careful craft in gameplay like MGO2 (only Dark Souls, Tenchu and Monster Hunter comes to mind). A depth in gameplay that is usually only found in Japanese games.

Instead MGO3 is being made by some unknown, untested Americans. Ugh.


I think Castlevania would be in great hands if FromSoft got their hands on it. Also wish they'd make a tenchu game.

joab7771452d ago

I'm split. If they make enough to split into more than 2 studios, then yeah. I'd love to see some of these 2d games be remade into 3d games, but maintain the difficulty. But is it worth it? Isn't it better, especially now, to let someone make a new 2 1/2 d game that is gorgeous and maintains the difficulty?

I'd prefer to see Bloodborne and Demon Soul's 2 made first. Imagine a Demon Soul's or a Dark Soul's 3 that's 2x as big, 2x as complex and intricate on next gen consoles. I think I will love Bloddborne alot. But there's something about Soul's games (similar to RE and MM in that the control scheme will become archaic but nostalgic b/c of its pure gameplay).

Anyway, I'd just love to see the Souls built upon on the current gen. Bigger, more beautiful worlds, more combat options w even better timing and animations. NOTHING beats the fact that u literally have to consider everything in Soul's combat. It could be refined even more, more weapons that possibly interact with armor or special items. It could get insane, and now we have more power to do it. It's a min/maxers dream.

DarkOcelet1452d ago

Castlevania+ Miyazaki = Fkn Awesomeness.

Exari1452d ago

anything + miyazaki = awesomeness.

Tex1171452d ago

You could make a good argument that the Souls game is really a 3D Castlevania. A glimpse of a gaming future we never got.

Id love for From Software to revist Tenchu.

mastiffchild1452d ago

Was surprised that the author didn't slip Dino Crisis in among all the Capcom games. From and Miyazaki would surely be a great solution for bringing a long dormant series back to life and the kicker is bringing Souls level combat thought into an already tense series. To be fair I've wanted more DC for a long time but this team up could really work IMHO.

jokerman271452d ago

Dino Crisis didn't even cross my mind for some reason, but that would be a great idea as well.

mastiffchild1451d ago

I confess that I've often wanted to see even a remake of DC and DC 2 for a while now and with today's tech a reboot would look amazing. The scope for diverse in game sections game play wise is huge IMHO so why no HD Dino action? Did that awful third game leave me the only one with fond memories of a tense and different series? Thanks for showing me I'm not totally alone!!!

Could swing from tense stealth to all out park our and high powered combat mixing RE ammo management and rpg skill trees to suit your own approach besides adding co-op and sp options as long as it doesn't break sp a la Lost Planet 3. Anyway, surprising they never brought it back.