The Best Survival Horror Experience Came Out Sooner Than You Think

Way before games like Resident Evil, Fatal Frame, Dead Space or Silent Hill came out, there was a game that made all of those look like Christmas episodes.

The game we are talking about is of course: Ghosts n’ Goblins for the NES.

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RG_Dubz1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

Ghosts n' Goblins a Survival Horror Experience.. lol

Meth is a hell of a drug.

higgins781361d ago

That's EXACTLY what it was/is. You speak like somebody who hasn't actually played it...certainly not on initial release.

RG_Dubz1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

It's an action game, it's just hard because back then a lot of games were hard 1 hit death for the player, by comparison 2 hit death games like Ghosts An' Goblins were easier.. Technically.
Also I've spoken like someone who has played and beat the game when it initial released and I replayed and beat it less than 2 years ago, which is why I laugh when you call it survival horror.

It's not survival horror, it's action horror.

XXXL1361d ago

I really wanna play sweet home from the NES days

Theparanerds1361d ago

they're technically not's a horror game (zombies) and the goal is to survive. I mean it's a stretch yes as that genre didn't exist at the time. But i can see how it can be seen as that.

Anon19741361d ago

Used to play the hell out of this game back in the arcade days. :)
I think I only made it past that Unicorn Demon boss and into the caves a handful of times. Ahhh, the eighties...

Kal-V31361d ago

I liken this game to Dark Souls more than a Survival Horror game. A tough, horror themed, action game.

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