What PS4 Needs More: A Resistance Or Killzone Sequel?

The PlayStation 4 could use a boost in the shooter category; which would make more sense right now? The return of Resistance or another Killzone?

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Neonridr1360d ago

well the PS4 already had a KZ sequel. I wouldn't mind seeing a new Resistance title. Would be a nice way to introduce me into the series like Shadow Fall introduced me to the Killzone franchise.

Abash1360d ago

Give me a Killzone 5 and a reboot for Resistance. If I was doing a Resistance PS4 games, I'd make it take place during present day

HaveSumNuts1360d ago

Well it's already been confirmed that Guerilla Games are working on Horizon (new IP) and Insomniac are working on the Rachet and Clank Reboot. Could use a break from FPS to be honest, so many third party studios make them. I love my third person action adventure games, glad to see that both Guerilla and Insomniac are making one.

Lilrizky1360d ago


yes but Guerilla Cambridge (who did KZ mercenary) are working on a multi-million dollar franchise for the PS4.

my bet is they took over KZ and the original Guerilla moved on to make games like Horizon.

bouzebbal1360d ago

KZ5? let them start by making Killzone 4 because Shadow Fall is like a spin-off to me it doesn't have much in common with the previous episodes.
i never played Resistance i would prefer Killzone but i wouldnt be against a good Resistance, i heard good things about the third episode.

breakpad1360d ago (Edited 1360d ago )

Killzone for sure ..especially with the new art direction of the series (more colorful and futuristic)..Resistance it was always lame and the best is to let it die ...was never so appealing and always mediocre

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Enemy1360d ago

I would prefer a new IP. If they do continue with a new Killzone or Resistance, I'd be happy with either one, just make them third person this time.

Deadlead1360d ago

KZ desperately needs a rest after the last two installments. Resistance reboot could be awesome! But who would take over development duties now that the talent at insomniac is occupied?

bouzebbal1360d ago

which last 2? Mercenary and Shadow Fall? or KZ3 and SF?
i disagree in both cases because KZ3 kicked ass and Mercenary did the same.

just_looken1360d ago

MAYBE sony would be so kind to make a 4th first person shooter on the vita?.

Sense the vita launched 3 years 1 month ago the system only has 3 fps games.

Fil1011360d ago

I played all the resistance titles and would love a prequel

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trywizardo1360d ago

maybe a reboot for killzone and god of war , and ditch resistance , it was really bad .
and it would be awesome to see motorstorm returns , i really liked motorstorm on PS2 and 3 ^_^

BitbyDeath1360d ago

Totally agree on Motorstorm but I would rather see God of War get finished before a reboot occurs.

The world is left in tatters after 3, that is a huge opener for the next one.

Silly gameAr1360d ago

The Resistance games were no where near bad. They were so underrated. Are you sure you played any of them?

Lilrizky1360d ago

if he's going off the vita version then yes

R3 was soooo underrated and underplayed.

It plays much like wolfenstein the new order. and that was a surprise hit from last yr.

I think that old school shooters are badly wanted (e.g. people asking for WaW 2 rather than another modern shooter) and resistance goes for that old school feel

Majin-vegeta1360d ago

I would love both to be handed over to GCB to see what they can do.But if I had to choose one.I would have to go with Resistance.I mean we just got KZ:SF a little more than over a year ago.

Rimeskeem1360d ago

another Resistance would be cool.

NovusTerminus1360d ago

I just want another Genji game... and not the PS3 game. I want it back as it was on the PS2, such a great action game.

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