The ‘Destiny’ Bugs Frustrating Crota’s End Raiders

INQ: Destiny is not one of the worst offenders when it comes to in-game bugs, but PlayStation and Xbox players have experienced more than their share. The release of Crota’s End Hard Mode last week has only accentuated the bugs experienced in the raid. The Destiny community has put together a list of glitches that you should keep an eye out for when taking on the latest raid.

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Tex1171453d ago

The glitches are particularly rough because to beat Crota on Hard, you need 6 people essentially not to make a mistake. Thats tough enough, but when the glitches happen (and almost always right at the end and close to victory), its rage inducing.

Drithe1453d ago

I watched 6 level 31's beat Crota HM with ease. Then as a level 32 I helped a full level 32 group. It was so bugged we could not beat it. Terrible. Crota was all over the place like a chicken with his head cut off. Then his sheild would not go down, probably due to lagging.

OUROSMAG1452d ago

Been bugged a few times, but I've also cleared it a few times. Really isn't all that big of a deal. Bungie just needs to fix it and move on.