New SEGA Pluto ‘model’ lands on eBay

More than a year after two SEGA Plutos were found, an eBay seller claims her husband, a former SEGA employee, possesses a resin/model Pluto. It can be yours for $10,000.

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GokuSolosAll1359d ago

Must get rich & buy.

Sega, where's Dreamcast 2?

Magnus1359d ago

I wouldn't pay $10 grand for a mock up console I would pay a grand to own a piece of Sega history. If it turns out to be the legit thing. Who wouldn't own a great piece of Sega history.

filchron1358d ago

I doubt all 3 pluto owners are playing Sega NetLink games with eachother lol. would be sweet to have, also sega release powerstone 1 with 4 player online. BOOM! Dreamcast 2 funded..