What We Want in Borderlands 3

Meghan Sullivan and Jon Ryan discuss what they want to see in the next Borderlands game.

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holysmokesbatman2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

All it does is reduce incentive to find the next great gun!

OMG, have those 2 even played BL? If they have they've seriously missed the whole point!

Testfire2925d ago

Was going to disagree, but then I thought on your comment a bit. While its not the main point of the game for me (its the co-op I get to play with my son), I'd say loot hunting is #2 most important part of the BL experience for us.

Right now we're building his PC and once that's done we're going to play the pre-sequel co-op. We had so much fun playing the first 2 on ps3, but bad fps took some enjoyment out. Can't wait to play in a solid 60fps.

holysmokesbatman2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Ditto man, I've played through the first 2 with my boy, will do pre when it's on new consoles. I have 2 on steam and must say its sooooo much nicer than ps360 versions.

Co op and loot, certainly the main draw of the game

PoSTedUP2925d ago

i disagree. you can still have to get the next best gun while there is customization. they'll be upgraded, you just get to choose/buy the attachments etc.

showtimefolks2925d ago

let us take apart the guns and rebuild them the way we desire

Better loot than BL2. BL1 had much more verity and more rewarding loot

Bigger World
mybe more planets to visit
flying vehicles and jets stuff

To me Bl1 was so much better even though it was bare bone story wise but than again the DLC was awesome

So please less grinding and more rewarding like original borderlands

fallacious2925d ago

I don't want to support a dev that's holding us hostage for a game. They're basically saying, buy the new handsome edition so that we can bring you BL3.

vallencer2925d ago

They want people to buy the handsome edition so they can fund a borderlands 1 new gen remake. As far as borderlands 3 goes they are making it regardless but are looking to hire new people for it.

Testfire2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

How so?

MasterCornholio2925d ago

More guns.

Oh and walking toilets called Craptraps.


-Foxtrot2925d ago

Main thing I want is to see the old vault hunters return


With the way Borderlands 2 ended it gave us a hint they were going to leave Pandora to find other vaults across the galaxy.

Besides the past two main games have included a Siren class, in the game it's stated only 6 of them exist in the ENTIRE Universe so they'll have to bring Lilith back since they can't really add another Siren.

Would be a bit silly to add another Siren when we already have 3 (possibly 4 if you count Commandant Steele) of the 6 Sirens in the ENTIRE BLOODY UNIVERSE ending up at the same place.

Lets not forget the old vault hunters know some new skills which can be expanded on in the new game.

Lilith with her new Siren abilities
Mordecai with his new Bloodwing
Brick with his new melee weapon (Switch between them)

They just need to replace Roland

gangsta_red2925d ago

I agree, I think the writers shot themselves in the foot by saying there is only 6 Sirens in the universe. I'm sure they could probably say "Hey there's more, well I'll be damned!" But that would be a cop out.

I would like for them to add more than 4 vault hunters off the bat and really take the time to make their skills great. The pre-sequel's characters were horrible and felt cheap.

I would also like other weapons that can be equipped like Bows, Swords....uuuuum and other stuff.

-Foxtrot2925d ago

Yeah that's what I was thinking, it would be a cop out if they did that

Lilith, Maya, Angel, Possibly Steele, they'll have to use Lilith again

I mean I just thought the whole point of not playing them in the sequel was so we got character development EVEN THOUGH other games have featured main characters with a load of characetr development. It would of been nice to continue on from the first game skill wise like you do in Mass Effect.

Best thing they can do if they have the old vault hunters is add onto the backstories they had in the first game. Like apparently Brick went to find his sister on Pandora while Lilith went to find another Siren who was apparently Steele. None of this is expanded on.

"I would also like other weapons that can be equipped like Bows, Swords....uuuuum and other stuff"

Yes, yes and yes

More weapons and more combinations, I mean from the Bow alone you can change ammo types from Bolt to Arrow then in sub categories they could be explosive, acid, electric, fire etc

Hellsvacancy2925d ago

I'll probably get shot for this but i'd like Gearbox to drop the cell shaded effects, this is how it was supposed to look

Now the technology is better I can't see why it can't be done

SteamPowered2925d ago

No shots fired here, but it is kind of their style. I always found their physX made up for the cell shading.

holysmokesbatman2925d ago

That blew my mind! BUT I love the art style, it's one of the reasons I picked up the first game without actually knowing ANYTHING about it.

It goes a long way in stopping it being a generic scifi shooter imo

Testfire2925d ago

Iirc it want about technology it was about being different from the other 1 million generic shooters out there. A dev had messed around on the side with cell shading the game, when other members of the team saw it they decided to go with that.

Also, I don't know if its true but I heard cell shading is more demanding on the CPU so that tells me it want about technical limitations. Either way, I like the cell shading, it separates BL from the pack.

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