5 Games With Incredible Minority Protagonists You Cannot Miss

The last thing the world needs is another game with a bald white space marine. Why not give these games a look instead?

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RG_Dubz1365d ago

Only 1 good game on the list.

JWiLL5521365d ago

Wei was definitely one of my favorite characters from last gen. Sleeping Dogs is awesome.

Yi-Long1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

I thought Wei was pretty bland and boring tbh, like a non-offensive main character designed to be accepted and liked by everyone. Also, he looked a bit too 'westernized', like an asian model with western features, instead of like someone you would actually see on the streets in Hong Kong.

knifefight1365d ago

Kazuma Kiryu is awesome in the Yakuza series.

Yi-Long1365d ago

It's 2015; the race, gender, sexuality, religion and colour of the protaganist really shouldn't be any kind of issue anymore in this day and age.

I know it sadly still IS an issue for many... But it shouldn't.

phoenixwake1364d ago

If a game's bad, I'm not going to play it, regardless of race or gender.

If a game's good, I'll play it in spite of difference in race or gender.

We've been making games with minority protags since the 80s. Make good games, the characters should fit right in to the gameplay and story you're creating.

That is all.