VR Headsets Aren’t Ready to Replace Game Consoles Just Yet

Tynan Muddle at Aussie-Gamer writes: "Consumers aren’t going to believe they’re standing on Mars from the comfort of their living rooms unless it looks as near to realistic as possible. It’s the same reason movies aren’t made with a PlayStation 4 development kit. They probably could be, but the general public probably wouldn’t go to the cinema without that added realism that a flesh and blood actor portrays.

So these ideas of VR headsets make perfect sense for less graphic intensive applications, such as operating systems on computers. It would be perfect to use a VR headset to give me the sense that I have 10 computer monitors without having to cough up the dough to actually purchase them."

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Double Toasted1365d ago

After seeing Hololens I'm not really interested in VR.