Watch This Sad Counter Strike Player Get Banned during a League Match

A player got banned during a Counter Strike ESEA League match because he was using cheats, and it's a pretty sad thing to watch.

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slinky1234561387d ago

Wow, what loser. I didn't understand what went on but reading the article clarified it. Makes you think if other people get away with it if he went on that long.

Glgh1387d ago

Maybe. The worst part is getting his teammates involved in the whole issue. Even if they say they didn't know, they'll be under scrutiny for a while, I guess.

Dee_911387d ago

I wish infinity ward or activision would ban cheaters.MW is just unbearable on the weekends. I'm actually looking into modding for COD just so I can use the mod to kick out the cheaters.

HammadTheBeast1387d ago

Apparently they said they picked him up into their team just 2 games ago, but who knows.

1387d ago
Magnus1387d ago (Edited 1387d ago )

I can understand exposing glitches for fun if you are with some friends trying new things when you have beaten the game to death. But lag switching just crosses the line. If you have to cheat at a game then you are not a gamer.

BlackPhillip6661387d ago

Unless its a lan event its open season tbh, Esp when it comes to subscription hacks.

FullmetalRoyale1387d ago

Utter humiliation. How can you ever live something like that down?

Just take your loss like a man.