Five Games: ‘Grim Fandango Remastered ’ And Everything Else You Need To Play This Week

Ghosts, zombies and the Land of the Dead highlight this week's Five Games.

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Roaddhogg1414d ago

Looking forward to Grim Fandango.

joab7771414d ago

Me too, but I cant pretty order and present load anymore. Damn it!! I was gone all week.

lemoncake1413d ago

Same fandango is just too good not to get this week.

secret_tunnel1414d ago

Woah, didn't know this was coming out this week! Dying Light looks like it could be cool to.

WizzroSupreme1414d ago

A shame I don't have a PS4 or a Vita. Sure wish it was on PS3 because Grim Fandango always fascinated me.

ziggurcat1414d ago

grim fandango is already downloaded on my PS4. just waiting for them to let me play it at midnight.

MaximusTKG1413d ago

My timer still shows I have another 24 hours to wait on Grim Fandango wth.

ziggurcat1413d ago

kind of hilarious thing (but not really haha funny):

the timer still said there was 22 hours left (at midnight EST), when i selected the game from my menu, the timer was blank (yet the game wouldn't boot).

like an idiot, i deleted the game from the menu thinking i'd just re-download the game. nope. it takes me to the store, and the only option is to "start" the game. selecting that tells me the game cannot be found (because i deleted it, obviously), and asks me to find it in the store. selecting ok just sends me to the same page with a "start" option for the game.

going to the online store from my computer, i have an option to download to my PS4, but it freezes the store, and i am forced to refresh my browser.

so either i am horribly unlucky, and got caught in a rare bug related to the pre-order or they done goofed the pre-loading of this game. the only thing that makes me think it's a rare bug is the fact that i've seen people streaming this game on the live from playstation app.

either way, i think this is the last time i pre-order a digital title from the store. i'll just wait until it's released from now on, i think.

JWiLL5521414d ago

Dying Light should be a lot of fun.

The fact that Techland provided extended demos to so many different sources a couple months back (youtuber theRadBrad for example) shows how confident they are with their game and the engine they've built.