The Witcher 3 Will Have "Ubersampling" Option; Nvidia HairWorks "Gives Your PC Quite a Beating"

If you’re wondering if The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will fully make use of the spiffy hardware in your powerful gaming PC, the answer is yes, as explained by the developers during a livestream hosted by

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I_AM_ CANADIAN_19891365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

Please please nvidia make an epic sli profile for this game so I can get the most out of my 2 780ti classys. Also solid gsync support would be nice. Witcher 2 had stutters with uber on so I have know idea how my 2 780ti's are going to handle witcher 3.

Femto1365d ago

there is no such thing as "solid gsync support" if you have a gsync monitor and an nvidia gpu, gsync will work how it's supposed to, it cant be optimized more or less, its a refresh rate thing, has nothing to do with the preformance of the actual game itself. it just matches your fps with your refresh rate

starchild1365d ago

Yeah, I'm not sure what you meant there. The Witcher 2 works perfectly fine with my gsync monitor. I can play it with Ubersampling too just fine.

Genova841365d ago

Times like these I wish I had 980s in SLI rather than an R9 295x2 ...

hiredhelp1365d ago

You series r9 295x2 in xfire run this game fine.

hiredhelp1365d ago

Next will have a Face off Tress FX 2.0 Vs Hairworks lol
Wich will come out shining better.

Eamon1365d ago

Umm correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't just one 980 be enough for this game?

Or are the Recommended Settings not even enough for Ultra?

BC_Master_Haze1365d ago

I'm hoping my GTX 970 will run this on Ultra at 1080p.

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kingjosh18761365d ago

Wtf, I just put on the Rob Zombie album Hellbilly Deluxe to play, then headed over to N4G to read stuff on Witcher 3 and I see you with the album cover..

starchild1365d ago

Well, I am definitely getting the PC version, but if no PC version existed I still wouldn't mind playing it on the consoles. I wouldn't miss this game for anything.

DougLord1365d ago

Oh yeah, that's why you spend $10k on a gaming PC. HAIR MODELING. I hear in the POT version he has an extra freckle compared to the Xone.

hiredhelp1365d ago

Wowsers guys we have a 1 bubble pointless comment who can predict how much Everyones pc cost.
10k where the beep you guys get this stupid numbers from anyways.

Allsystemgamer1365d ago

Uh you only need a $300 card to run it maxed at 1080p over 60fps.

Meanwhile your precious Xbox 1 runs it at 900p at 30.

KionicWarlord2221365d ago

According to this interview with the head of Cd Prohekt RED the recommended settings will not reach 60 fps.

Translating link

[ ]

"At the recommended requirements for PC will reach 30 or 60 frames?"

"I think we'll display 30 frames. Until the end we are going to work on performance, it is crucial that the machines are very diverse. Developers extremely sought is that we should not practice demagogy and nobody cheated, substring announced requirements with lower specifications. It is as we wrote, can only get better."

Genova841365d ago

@Kionic ... ouch! Thinking I'll get 60 fps with my r9 295x2 as it's kinda like 2 r9 290s but we all know the troubles of xfire and sli ...

Thinking probably no uber sampling. I had the same issue with TW2 with my now retired xfire 6990s. That setting is a system killer!

Shinuz1364d ago

Come on don't spout nonsense.

What 300$ card will max this game at 1080 with 60fps?

You might get that by staring at the floor without moving lol

Btw, before some start labeling me a console newb or whatever I have an msi g4 970 and I know what it can and can't do.

LamerTamer1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

Extra freckle? Troll fail.

A decent PC will be superior to the xbone in every way. AA, AO, textures, shadows, lighting tessellation, draw distance, resolution, framerate, I could go on. Even the meager PS4 runs this game at a higher res than X1, the Xbone is at the bottom of the heap man.

kingduqc1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

I have the option to turn it on, what do you have? 30 FPS, lower quality settings, sub hd res...

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WizzroSupreme1365d ago

PC>Xbox One>PS4 is the likely scenario for the Witcher 3.

Allsystemgamer1365d ago

Ready states by devs the ps4 version is better. It's sharper textures and 1080p where as the xbone is 900p. They look nearly identical though.

trickman8881365d ago

Huh? How in the blue hell would the X1 version be superior to the PS4 version?

LamerTamer1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )


I didn't know Skyrim was out on the PS4 and X1. I wish it was though.

Tctczach1364d ago

No but it happened on the 360 and ps3. Same game but it was all around better.

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