The Games of February 2015

AMHNetwork writes "So we have now well and truly settled into 2015 now, and if you thought you would get a quiet month to catch up on some of that pile of shame from 2014 then you have another thing coming – February is fantastic and littered with big name games. So without wasting your time with padding any further we present to you The Games of February 2015."

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Abash1359d ago

Will be getting The Order: 1886 and Dragon Ball Xenoverse

tucky1358d ago

And what about dead or alive 5 ???

higgins781358d ago

Revelations 2 not being available on either Wii U or 3DS...WTF!? Can only be down to quality control, surely. I mean, give me 1 good reason why both or either platform should be excluded...

TheLastColossus1358d ago

what I will buy will depend the reviews, but The Order 1886 and DBXV is a must-buy games on day one.

DivineAssault 1358d ago

no 3ds version huh? This game started on there but the sequels are going to home consoles? smh.. I know u can download the original remaster but i would like to have both physical copies of the game on my handheld.. Vita should have em both & a version should be made for the NEW 3DS

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