The New 3DS Review: Worth the Upgrade?

Nintendo is rolling out yet another hardware revision with the New 3DS. Is this latest version of the handheld worth upgrading from your old one?

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awkwardhamster1414d ago

Wow, didn't know chargers are to be sold separately.

DDDGirlGamer851414d ago

Anyone who had a DSI the charger will work, Its the largest and best selling hand held in the world, wish people would stop bitching about the charger.

DivineAssault 1413d ago

im defiantly getting it.. I want to play xenoblade on it then xenoblade x on wii u... I actually have a nice backlog of games im waiting to play when it drops in the US but another $200 is a kick in the nuts... They sure know how to make money... Them rare amiibos are gone in minutes so people are buying them but the wii u is failing out here in the states even though they have fantastic exclusives