Seven Lights Introduces a New Kind of Online Gaming

Seven Lights, a new online games company, was introduced today to bring together the best elements of strategy, role-playing, customization and collectibility. Seven Lights will use virtual economies/microtransactions as its primary business model. Game Daily speak with CEO and co-founder Tim Harris.

Today Tim Harris, Mike McCarthy and Dave Shuck introduced Seven Lights, a new Chicago-based developer and publisher of online entertainment. The three founders describe the online experience they will provide as one that "unites strategic gameplay with RPG character development, collectibility, customization, and virtual economies."
Seven Lights will be avoiding the retail channel by publishing its content online, starting on the PC and then gradually moving to consoles, handhelds, and even mobile phones. The first project, called The Continuum, will be a browser-based (using flash) game set for release in early 2007.

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Caxtus7504343d ago (Edited 4343d ago ) being a tad stupid...but can somebody explain to me what this is, and what it does etc?
Is it like Steam?
thankyou :)

JPomper4343d ago (Edited 4343d ago )

Basically a couple of businessmen are trying to cash in on video games. "Constant stream of expansion packs and content" says to me "low-quality item saturation".
I love it 'cause the article reads like these guys are 10 years behind trying to create the first MMORPG. What's worse is it's centered around an economic structure that requires, well... real money.

Starting out on PC, they plan to move the flash-based web-browser-ran game to consoles. They'll obviously have to create a client model, so I'd hope they'd work on graphics. If not, good luck selling that to the graphics-happy console kiddies.