Could Delays To Dying Light Be An Attempt To Avoid Server Issues At Launch?

Dying Light has been hit with retail supply issues and delays. Is this preemptive action to prevent the servers from overloading?

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XBLSkull1365d ago (Edited 1365d ago )

Total turd. Rigor mortis, fast zombies are complete crap, along with all video games and movies that side with that fiction.

Game always looked like crap. 6/10 or less all around for being a crap game.

Sorry that "The Walking Dead" and "Resident Evil" depict zombies so much better than "World War Z" and "Left 4 Dead". It isn't my fault.

Sure zombies are ridiculous sci-fi, but who honestly thinks in their head that a zombie apocalypse is going to feature hordes of Usain Bolts chasing you? Absurd...

Ultr1365d ago

Good you only have one bubble

UKmilitia1365d ago

i know u cant reply and your comment is stupid because the game doesnt look like crap.

but the zpmbies running like usain bolt at times is something i dislike about zombie games .

Mr-Dude1365d ago


You must a Total win at parties....

deadfrag1365d ago

Or most likely Warner (WB) mess up once more.

Clown_Syndr0me1365d ago

Digital copy is still out on 28th Jan. I believe this is a marketing scheme. Digital copies cannot be rented or sold so anyone that's desperate to play the game has to buy it for full price.

Skate-AK1365d ago

It's a retail issue. That's why digital copies won't be delayed. It's not a conspiracy.

shloobmm31365d ago

Yeah i have the digital version and all seems fine there.Unfortunately I havent had a chance to dive into the game yet because I had to go to work. I made it thru the opening sequence and thats about it. looks pretty good tho so far.

Clown_Syndr0me1365d ago

Yeah that's what I hope and it's certainly what they want you to think. But we don't know for certain.

jay21365d ago

Of cause not, no company wants to delay a product.