There’s a Strong Chance of Uncharted 4 Outselling Halo 5 this Fall

Tony Polanco from The Koalition writes:

"Look, I know, that headline sounds insane. The very notion of Uncharted 4 outselling Halo 5 is a bit hard to fathom. We were asked about this on the latest Throwdown Your Questions and my initial reaction was “no.” As I thought more and more about it, and as the conversation progressed, I saw that there was a very real possibility of this happening. Let’s see how Uncharted 4 could outsell Halo 5."

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ArchangelMike1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

That's assuming Uncharted 4 is releasing this Fall? There's no release date set yet is there? It would not surprise me if the ambitions of ND means that they delay the game for more time. You know Sony would be like "sure thing, whatever you guys want, just make it shine when its done!!!"

BiggerBoss1414d ago

Halo doesnt have a release date either...

From everything ive seen, ND keeps saying 2015. A release date will likely be revealed at E3.

Double Toasted1414d ago

That title is beyond hysterical.

darthv721414d ago

Considering that both games are completely unrelated and the fans of each will obviously buy each respectfully.... so why does it matter?

The popularity of both franchises is high but not 100% high. Meaning the sell through is not going to be to 100% of the install base on either platform. Even if it sells to 50% of each platform (based on current levels) that would be roughly 9mil for UC4 and 5mil for H5. with the potential to increase as the time goes on with new users joining daily/monthly/yearly.

Is the fear that these titles will be failures or something?

falviousuk1414d ago

It matters cause sit4s like these use this type of click bait titles to get people to click through to their websites trying to generate traffic for them by pandering to the fanboy mentality on here.

And saying x game will beat y particularly when it comes to the xbox and ps games.

Just don't click it

XBLSkull1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

There is a 100% chance Halo is a better franchise than Uncharted.

I'd love to see the comparison of game stats of both of the franchises. I've never seen anything like that for Uncharted but here is Halo:

Over 20 Billion games of matchmaking played? Good God...

nX1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

You sound like you were jerking off while typing this, how's this even related to the article?

On topic: Both will sell tons of copies but why are people already theorizing this far? These sales will depend on many factors when the time has come, it's silly to argue about it already. Just enjoy the games man.

Clunkyd1414d ago


"There is a 100% chance Halo is a better franchise than Uncharted"

Talking out of your a$$ as usual I see. Take your salt somewhere else, buddy.

OrangePowerz1414d ago


Halo 1 and 2 are amazing games. After that? Not as good anymore.

DarXyde1414d ago


Wow, so everyone, if faced with the decision to choose Halo 5 or Uncharted 4, will undoubtedly choose Halo 5 given the absolute quality factor of Halo as the better franchise?

It would appear I'm quite the aberration.

ABizzel11414d ago


It's quite possible. Given the sales difference and given the fact the PS4 is doing much better in NA than the PS3 did, and completely destroying the EU market, so chances are Uncharted (one of PS biggest franchises right now) is going to receive a big sales boost this gen.

An Uncharted Collection needs to drop ASAP.

BG115791413d ago

It's not about the quality of the games. It's about having more PS4s sold out there. It's just mathematical.

Sonital1413d ago

"Look, I know, that headline is clickbait."


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NatureOfLogic_1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

After this MCC mess lately, I'll be surprise is halo 5 sells half as much as uncharted 4. Halo is basically dead without bungie.

TFJWM1414d ago

Doesn't matter how bad MCC was broken, people will still buy Halo even if it by far the worst in the series(not saying it will be) just cause its Halo

towelie12881414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

You have no idea what ur talking about sir

the last Halo bungie game had a horrible multiplayer
but u never knew that cuz i doubt you play Halo at all

Good Day Troll

(on-topic) cant wait for both Uncharted and Halo 5!

DanzoSAMA1414d ago

lol, HALO 5 will destroy uncharted 4 like always.

ScorpiusX1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Cause bungie last game was such a wonderful experience that it lacked story and gave u a limited open world and make you grind over and over . Halo will be fine without bungie .

jb2271414d ago

Yeah I think it'll still sell well, but judging not only by MCC but also the quick dropoff of the mp community for Halo 4 it sounds like stagnation & indifference is starting to settle in. That's what happens when games are milked for all they're worth...Say what you will about Sony putting out another Uncharted but going by recent comments from an ex-Santa Monica staffer, it sounds like Sony has been careful not to just push an Uncharted title out for fear of people getting bored w/ the franchise.

At the end of the day, unless Xbox One sells another 10 million units or so and Sony stops selling PS4s completely the math just wouldn't work out for Halo 5 outselling UC4 regardless of the attach rate. Rise of the Tomb Raider will be a totally different story though since it's hitting last gen as well. That game could outsell UC4 but I guarantee it won't be as well received by gamers & critics. Gamers want new gen games, cross gen titles don't really service either console if recent trends are anything to go by.

ChrisChambers1414d ago

The problem with MCC in my opinion was that it was made by 5 or 6 studios..The Halo 5 beta was incredibly stable for a game roughly a year from release. Add to that that the maps and gameplay were better (in my opinion) than Halo 4 and I think Halo 5 will do just fine.

Uncharted I'm sure will sell a ton as well, but I know I won't be buying it. Not because I think it's bad, only because I've never played the other 3.. If between now and it's release I have the time to play them all my opinion may change though

AngelicIceDiamond1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

@Nature You and XBL skull both need reality checks...

Sitdown1414d ago

The math does add up, more people purchase the Xbox brand for Halo as opposed to Sony for Uncharted. Historically Xbox has been the brand that Halo built, where there is not necessarily a single game that is contributed to building PlayStation.

MSBAUSTX1413d ago

If Assassin's Creed Unity can sell over 5 million copies across two consoles, I think Halo will sell regardless of how it is. Also MCC isn't a mess at all anymore. It has come along quite nicely and I haven't experienced any issues in about a month. It is still an outstanding value.

VG Sales numbers globally for halo games:

VG Uncharted sales numbers globally:

Those numbers do not lie. Even if Halo was over reported by VG by 1 million sales each game then every Halo game still beats any Uncharted game. The only acception being Halo MCC which is just under 2 million sold. Either way, The likelihood of an Uncharted game outselling a Halo game is very low given these statistics.

I am not saying it can't happen. I am merely making a counter point proving that just because Bungie isn't making the game anymore doesn't mean it is dead. These numbers back me up on that too.

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Antifan1414d ago

The Naughty Gods are a all - around better developer than 343. Plus with the nearly 10 million userbase gap, it's more than likely Uncharted will sell more than Halo.

Magicite1414d ago

Promotions and bundles can play a big role in this. AC Unity would have never sold as much as it did on X1 if not price cut/bundles. And Im pretty sure MS gonna advertise and push Halo 5 hard.
But PS4's huge install base and big success of Uncharted franchise are the factors, that gonna benefit this game a lot.
This will be a battle of Titans, I have a feeling that holidays of 2015 will be biggest in this decade and maybe even more than that.

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Foehammer1414d ago ShowReplies(6)
Thatguy-3101414d ago

Uncharted has become a BIG franchise in the game industry. Crazy to see how far the series has come ever since Drake's Fortune. There are more PS4's that have been sold to consumers and seeing how Uncharted is a big well known title to a lot of PS4 owners that will help it sell more than halo 5. I'm really curious to see how it goes against the next Tomb Raider game though.

BiggerBoss1414d ago

Yeah considering the Ps4s install base and how successful TLOU was, its entirely possible that UC4 could outsell Halo 5 if marketed right

nitus101413d ago

If gamers who own an XB1 or are thinking of buying one (especially a bundle) and like FPS's and have enjoyed the Halo franchise will opt for Halo 5. However if a gamer who has a PS4 or is thinking of getting one and has enjoyed the Uncharted franchise will opt for Uncharted 4.

Since the install base of the PS4 over 18.5 million compared to 11 million for the XB1 at the time I wrote this I would expect many millions more when the Halo 5 and UC4 come out.

Now assuming the PS4 lead of 7.5 million remains the same (doubtful but!!) then that would normally mean that UC4 will sell more then Halo5 however because the two franchises belong to different genres then you really need to know how many gamers on the PS4 like action/adventure games like Uncharted compared how many gamers on the XB1 like FPS's like Halo.

So the bottom line, it will be difficult to make the call one way or the other unless you know the percentage of gamers on both consoles who like the specific genres.

Neonridr1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

well sure, there is nearly twice as many PS4 owners as there are XB1 owners. So if it doesn't outsell it, is that considered an embarrassment?

The only problem Sony faces is not everyone who plays Playstation supports the Uncharted games. I mean Uncharted 3 sold approx 6.5 million copies and it released in 2011 when the install base was well over 50 million PS3's.

The other problem is Xbox users LOVE the Halo series and there will be a much higher attachment rate when it comes to that game with XB1 owners. Whether that amounts to more sales or not, who knows. That will depend on how many XB1 owners there are come the fall. But if any game is going to help MS move some XB1's, you can bet your bottom dollar it's a Halo game.

Rest assured, both games should sell very well.

Thatguy-3101414d ago

I think what could help out halo 5 though is the fact that it's a multiplayer focus game where a lot of the fans love it and pay in groups where Uncharted is known for the single player experience. Holiday 2015 is going to be interesting.

BiggerBoss1414d ago

Where I come from, 6.5 million is considered ALOT.

And you act like every single Xbox owner is going to buy Halo 5, which just isnt the case. Im not downplaying Halo, each entry sells a ton and 5 definitely will as well.

But considering Ps4 has nearly twice the install base with a huge attach rate, Uncharted 4 could very well sell more.

And no, I wont be "embarassed" if Halo does sell more, I dont see why anyone would be...

Neonridr1414d ago

don't get me wrong, I never said 6.5 million wasn't a lot. What I specifically said in my comment was that there was at least 50 million PS3 owners at the time of UC3's release, and the game only sold like 10% of the install base. If we apply that formula to the PS4, what would it sell like 2.5-3 million units (assuming 25-30 million PS4 owners)?

I also never once said that everyone who owns an XB1 is going to buy the game, as I clearly said in my comment, the attachement rates for Halo games are very high with MS gamers. That's all.

I was just pointing out some straightforward facts, that's all.

rbailey1414d ago

The PS4 has already outsold the Xbox One by a wide margin and I'm pretty sure almost every owner will buy this game because its a certified system seller. For that reason and that reason alone, this game definitely has the potential to outsell Halo 5.

Neonridr1414d ago

UC3 sold like 10% of the PS3 install base at the time of release. What makes you think UC4 is suddenly going to be a game that every PS4 owner will want?

(genuine question by the way, as I am very interested in the game)

Romudeth1414d ago

Like was said in the editorial, PS3 owners are notorious for not buying exclusives. This isn't the case with the PS4 whose exclusives sell extremely well. It also has a much higher attach rate than the PS4.

Neonridr1414d ago

@Romudeth - yes and no. I mean the top 6 selling PS4 games last year were multiplat games. TLOU rang in at #7.

Ciporta19801414d ago

Didn't halo 4 sell to around 10% also?

Neonridr1414d ago

@Ciporta1980 - Halo 4 sold almost 10 million, so a little better.. maybe like 15% ;)

RosweeSon1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Because it's the biggest exclusive release on that platform for the next 12 months it's not gonna be a GTA5 selling 30 million but sure it'll do just fine for itself on the little we've seen of it so far. Uncharted 4 is gonna be epic.
Halo collection sold pretty bad if these 10-12 million fans are still yet to buy the best of the best so far the collection is pretty epic and I'm not even a halo fan but I'd be all over it had I bought an xbox one, the fact that barely 10% of their fans have gone and bought the game doesn't look overly good for Halo 5 I'm sure a lot more people will buy it because it's new but come on it's like call of duty had its day, bungie had had enough sold the rights same with gears of war and epic selling that.

Neonridr1414d ago

@RosweeSon - actually closer to 20% bought MCC. It sold 2 million and the XB1 has a bit over 10 million in terms of install base.. so like 18-19%.

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