How Remember Me work helped with Life is Strange, devs on sexuality in the game

Personally, Remember Me was an incredibly unique game and one that didn't receive enough recognition for what it did. Learning from your past is something we all know about. This type of knowledge is something the team that created Remember Me has taken with them since the project finished up. The studio that was behind the game is DONTNOD and they are getting ready to release their latest project, Life is Strange.

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ScorpiusX1363d ago

Looks like a game worth buying and playing

vongruetz1363d ago

I actually just finished Remember Me the other day and really enjoyed it. It was free with PS+ last year and it's a fun game with a good story.

sonic9891363d ago

Meh.... yawn.
What's wrong with creating a game without such themes, because I know some people who might be affected by those themes, in my opinion sexual themes should be out of discussion not only in games but every other medium.
It will just cause headaches over do it and you will accused of pushing an agenda even if that wasn't your intention.
Focus on the fun factor please.